Some PC feedback



I’ve played a couple of rounds so far, would like to drop off some feedback on this game. So far the rounds I’ve managed to get into feel generally sluggish with teleporting and various latency-caused issues, I’m not sure where the servers are located but it seems they’re either very far away or very hammered(or both). I don’t know if AU servers are planned or not, but i wouldn’t recommend this gameplay to many people - the inability to find close people/servers for low latency really breaks the game for me.

Things like FOV adjustments and and mouse acceleration toggles need to be put in, this is 2014 - it’s just a feature that needs to be in the game(+1 fistbumps for having borderless fullscreen in though).

The gameplay seems solid though, if the technical issues can get sorted this game could be a good one.


my words exactly and the medic is extremely underpowered


I hope you’re joking, Medic isn’t suppose to deal damage, their job is to provide utility and support.


My first round i actually played medic(wish the searching tool would let me play more…), i found it to be pretty decent, but balance is hard to discuss when you’ve had so little time to play via technical issues