Some of the most important things to add to your game (teamwork)


We need an easy, IN GAME, way to find other people that want to play the game the same way that we do, using mics, working as a team, similar play style aggressive/sneaky/defensive/etc.

Way too often in MP games you are met with a chilling silence when you join a game and say “Hi does anyone want to use mics and work as a team?” Then you run over to a teammate that has ammo but they never drop any for you so you die. Or the team balancing is so bad you feel like you’re playing with low quality bots vs a full team of good humans, even in 64 player conquest you can feel so alone when on the wrong team/squad. Eventually these “little things” combine to make you angry at the company for not improving it or caring about their players.

Some people say “I bought the game I can play how I want.” I say “me too”, I want to play with other people who won’t steal my weapons or vehicles, who aren’t oblivious to what’s going on around them, who want to ‘play the objective’ vs other people that do, etc.

I hope you can set a new, better standard for how players with similar play styles and skill levels can find each other and play the game how it was intended to be played. People shouldn’t have to make “craigslist ads” :wink: to find other mic/teamwork players, that should all be available in game.

“People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.”


Completely agree, it’d just have to be cleverly done to stop people abusing the system.


thats why im on the evolve group on steam for pc users i am willing to play any style but want people i can interact with. though i played it for over 500 hrs one thing that bugged me in me3 mp was no one would talk or would just be a annoying bastard just criticizing everyone and i hope i can find the few people in the world who still have common sense and respect and love to try new things and discuss a match to find improvements to make evolve to make the game shine the way it should


I agree, it seems that the only way to do anything coop anymore you have to play with friends, and even then…


Matchmaking will taken into account whether you’re using a mic or not. Obviously if the only other people using a mic are across the world from you and your latency would be huge, we wouldn’t match you with them, but it will be part of the equation.

Having playtests every night we know how much of a pain it is when you have someone with mismatched mic settings in your match.