Some Nice Rides!


This post is more so for you @Macman since I am aware you are a car enthusiast. My family has some history with cars and drag racing, my younger sister has been racing since she was 8 years old and is now 28 and still races to this day.

My father builds and manufactures alot of various things and I thought I’d share one of our more recent renovations with you and to see if we have any other vehicle enthusiasts in the house.

'57 Chevy


Woooooooah awesome!


Gotta get a pic of my truck in here. Vroom! I bought it from Chris when he got bored with it. It’s pretty badass.


Yeah, I saw it a while ago in the one video.

Puttin some paint on it or keeping it Rat Rod style?

You need to chop that roof some and pop in some suicide doors maaaaan :wink:

Should have seen the Willy’s we made, thing was a beauty too…I may even have a picture somewhere of the Opal too. He mostly sticks with chevy, worked on my fair share of camaro’s, vette’s, and other older models like chevelle’s.

I’m personally a bike guy myself, japanese though, but next to those I love me some old trucks


Rat Rod style all the way. I agree, a chop would be awesome. Ideas for the future.


Yeah, the red/rust looks nice. I’ve also always been a fan of the matte black look too.

Chop 4 Launch!


Ooooooooh. That’s pretty hot. Stepside body with no rear fenders, though it looks like maybe it’s also tubbed? I am intrigued. I have a '64 Chevy C10 that I am working on, but it is not pretty at all. It’s an ugly duckling, but it is set up for track duty (road courses.) 3100 lbs. Fully caged. 550hp. Uses take off Nascar bits.


Tubbed for sure. Also has fender’s, we just didn’t have them on at the time since I think they were painted last.

Bed even had original refinished wood grain slats and all, looked nice. Wish I had saved some pics of the Willy.

We did that truck for a client who owns like a roofing business out of New York or something, guy had money and put alot into that truck…Only to wreck it I think literally on his way home hah


Ever seen a small block RWD Pontiac Sunfire before?

My sister with her sunfire at the Ft Washington Expo…She’s the racer of the family heh

Here’s their old Opal, the paint job was likely one of the best ones my father did. He ended up selling it to make the Vega


That’s not from the show is it?


Awesome. Opals are cool.