Some matches plays fine, other matches go to black screen and freeze


When I start up Evolve, there are generally no problems in the first match I play. On a followup match, the game will usually have a black screen during the dropship scene after loading. I will hear broken audio here and there and then I will be reported as dead and the screen stutters every couple seconds when spectating someone. I have to quit Evolve, because the game is unplayable with the constant stuttering. My friends have noted that when this occurs (that is, when my screen goes black), my character just drops out of the dropship dead.

I played the beta and did not experience any issues with black screens or stuttering. I’ve made sure that I have the latest drivers for my graphics card (Radeon 6900 series) and verified the integrity of the game on Steam. The fact that I can play some matches smoothly without any problems like I did in the beta while in other matches it’s crippling slow beyond belief is very frustrating but it is also very hard to troubleshoot. I’ve tried to search for anyone else having this arbitrary black screen/low FPS issue, but have not yielded any success.

This has occurred irrespective of which character I play.

Any thoughts?


I am having a similiar issue, but I know that I need to update my drivers and graphics card, so I don’t know if it’s the same issue, or if it is of any workarounds


Try setting your graphics to the lowest. It could be the visual load that’s overworking your computer.

I use a Radeon 5770 which just passes the minimum settings. Same to you, some matches run very smoothly but in others I get intermittent delays ranging from brief stuttering to 30 second-long freezes, most annoying when it decides to happen mid-fights or after you spawn as the monster.


I have everything on the lowest setting, which is much worse than I had in the beta.

However, it seems using windowed mode resolves the issue for me.