Some little tweaks this game needs


first tweak lower the dropship timer by 10 seconds like its always 10 seconds left then the last hunter gets pounced.
second tweak have daisy haul a## from the monster when shes the last one alive
@macman @slabomeat


Daisy should have a stage 2 and 3

Twist of the games story line is Daisy is actually the main monster who has been pretending to be on your side this whole time


Well… you guys DID want a shapeshifter :stuck_out_tongue:


First tweak, totally pointless and just balances it towards hunters.
Second tweak, I agree with for sure.


i mean im a good monster and i always dominate the hunters when they have 5 seconds on the drop ship


I mean, it’s a bit arbitrary, don’t you think? Even if you reduce dropship time by 10 seconds, there will still be situations where you’re on the last hunter with 10 seconds left.


well it could help a couple of the hunters


It would probably be unnoticeable anyway.


ive lost so many times just by 5 extra seconds like its not even funny


Again, that will still happen if you change the dropship timer, it’ll just be harder for the monster.


not hard enough