Some L4D3 tea from valvenewsnetwork


List of supposed tea that they’ve gathered to be serve on the info they’ve managed to get from the dev time of Left 4 Dead 3.

  • Game was playable.
  • There were internal conflicts, the team was split on what engine they wanted to run the game on. While the game was worked on Source Engine 2, at the time the engine was not in a very good engine as it was still largely unfinished, and some devs wanted to use the more popular, stable and features of the Unreal Engine instead.
  • Some people TRS were brought in to work on the game.
  • It had cross VR support meaning players who play in vr can play together with people don’t use vr in the same match.
  • Has a roster of eight characters to choose from. Four characters from the original series return; two from the first game and two from the second game.
  • Each of the survivors have unique skills and abilities.
  • It went deeper into player choices. Character choices as well an as expension of the pathing system.
  • Its status is pretty much dead on the water as Valve has no initiative to push for project to move forwards. Not so sure if its still the case in 2019.

Video below for more


im pretty sure valve has a rule of not making more than 1 sequel to a game.


Known fact: Valve cant count to 3.


they couldnt even count to source engine 2 sadly :joy:


Source 2 is still not finished.Until they finish the damn engine and IF its a really good,mindblowing engine in which you can do stuff that you couldn’t before(Like how Source changed the whole physics in games that we had never seen before) don’t count in ever seeing portal/hl/l4d3. Pretty sure Valve doesn’t care about releasing a couple of games to sell.They need the games to be revolutionary just so even more people will download Steam on their pc’s.



Why am I getting to this point where I get scared when games are getting a new sequel rather than excited? The new features of each characters having special abilities seem interesting, making the game a bit more complex and more co-operative in survivors side. Nice to keep an ear up who’ll make a return too.

Hope they don’t get too overboard with special infected though, it’s my personal letdown in the ‘stylistic’ department in L4D2.

All if Valve can actually count to 3.


Unreal is just a way too good engine. They should just give up and use that engine instead.


That’s why i said they are trying to make something that has never been done before.
If they took unreal and made…lets say L4D3 it would just be another zombie game, with some differences. Don’t think thats how Valve works.

By developing Source 2 it allows them to do stuff that has never been done before.There is a video on youtube from people messing around with some files that shows so much information.

I don’t think they would ever use another engine.