Some kind of Stage 3 buff for hunters?


Once a monster gets to Stage 3 and has full health if they’re a good player or if it’s the AI it’s nearly impossible to beat them.

Go play against a Goliath bot and let it get to Stage 3 to see what I mean, it’s unstoppable you get no time to recuperate and if you’re Laz and escape it goes right to the relay and then right to you if you interrupt it at all.

What about some kind of weapon buff at the relay? Either you pick up…I dunno special ammo or just being at the relay buffs your weapons?
That way the monster has a great arena to take you out in but you get damage increases to make a win still possible.
Ideally it’s going to want to stop you getting to the relay but probably won’t have the time.

It takes an exceptional team of Hunters to beat a Stage 3 monster really I’ve only lost once on Defend because I suck at that, on Hunt I’ve never lost at Stage 3. Even if you have half health you can still win fairly easily. Especially if you’re relentless as Goliath.


it’s suppose to be near impossible, the monster is suppose to have a big advantage. That’s the punishment for the hunters letting the monster get stage 3. The monster is at a huge disadvantage at stage 1 and would be foolish to try to fight against an experienced team.


Only if the reverse happens for the monster at stage 1.


But what’s the point? Once you get to Stage 3 it might as well be declared your victory.

Unless they already took a sizeable chunk of your health off and you have no armour a win is almost guaranteed unless you’re not very skilled.

It should be difficult but it’s far too difficult.

Failing a buff for the Hunters, what about a debuff for the Monster? Thinking ability charge time here. You can just all 4 abilities right after each other to never not be doing significant damage all the Hunters can do is stall.

You should have at least a 75% chance of success not like 1%. It shouldn’t be as casual a win as it is for the monster, especially with how easy it easy to sneak and stage up the only threats to that are Bucket, Griffin and a lack of food.

Heck even a Stage 2 Monster can grab a win quite easily.


They don’t need to buff the hunters or nerf the monsters at stage 3, they need to make it easier for the hunters to catch the monster before they get that far. I fucking HATE spending most of the game just running around chasing the fucking thing.


That’s the main objective of the game you’re trying to change there.

If the hunter teams gets wrecked by a monster stage 3 full armor and health, it is their incompetence that will lead them to their doom.

Take it like this : If you’re really bad at hunting, then you’ll get punished for that, but you’ll also be punished if you don’t manage your fights well, by getting down penalties, that is why hunters need to hunt while being fully aware they are playing against the evolution clock there, when the monster hits stage 3, it is the other way around.

There is no point in giving a buff to hunters, they just misplayed and you shouldn’t give any rewards to them in that case.


But like I said why even have any gameplay after they get to Stage 3 then? it doesn’t matter how well you manage a Stage 3 fight even an average monster can take the win.
If just one player doesn’t do their job you can’t win, you just can’t.

I don’t think finding the monster is an issue really people never stop running after it I just stand on a tall rock and wait for it to loop around.
The problem is they escape so easy, it’s incredibly easy to stay at full health as a monster. Even if you get domed in Stage 1 all you have to do is jump around and climb constantly.

The relay seems almost pointless to me it’s much easier to just kill the Hunters I only take out the relay as an insult.

A good monster at Stage 3 will almost never lose, considering they might be against a team with a crappy Assault player and 3 good players I think that’s a big problem. There’s no element of challenge to it at that point everyone goes down like flies, I don’t find it satisfying.


What will decide the outcome of the match will be the health loss on both sides, as well as the remaining timer for the monster to finish the game. Good teams will often punish monsters using evasive techniques inside the dome, because when doing so, you give up pressure on the hunters and they can go all out on you.

I don’t think a monster with one health bar and full armor will win against a good team, that still seems like a good chance of win for the hunters for instance.

To me it works that way, if you die against a stage 3 monster, you fucked up, you either fucked up your hunt or your fight, or both, but balance between the two sides is great, it punishes missplays on both sides equally.


I always go into a match expecting to fight a Stage 3. They are tough but not impossible.


Stage 3 monsters are slower than the other stages. Plus like others said Stage 1 favors hunters, Stage 2 is a fair fight and Stage 3 favors the monster. Ive won plenty of times against a Stage 3 monster. Its not that hard if you have a team communicating.


My only problem is that you can literally hit stage as the hunters drop. Stage one needs to be longer than what it is to merit the huge advantage a monster gets at 3.


But as the monster it’s soooo easy to never face any issues in staging up I’ve been domed twice in Stage 1 and twice in Stage 2 out of like 25 games as the monster.

You shouldn’t absolutely have to require a team of 4 with headsets who all speak the same language and/or are friends to realistically have a chance at victory.
How often does that happen with matchmaking? I’ve seen like 10 people with headsets, most of the time muted.

It’s a lot easier to get to Stage 3 than it is to wound a monster staging up.
So much so that I like to challenge myself by only using melee or one ability in Stage 3 or by attacking without armour.

Ability cooldown debuff would be fine really with Goliath you can Leap Smash like every two seconds and it’s just devastating, there’s no way to dodge that as a Hunter since your jetpack runs out so quick.


This. This is exactly why fighting a Stage 3 monster is hard. When I get caught at Stage 1, I focus the trapper and try to GTFO because I have been killed quickly before at Stage 1. Stage 2 is kind of a toss up. While I have won a couple games at Stage 2 and haven’t lost any there yet, I feel like I was simply playing against poor teams those times. It depends on how good you are and how well the Hunters are working together. Stage 3 is massacre time. Every time I get to Stage 3 with Goliath, I win. However, there was one time that the last Hunter, an Assault, was less than one health bar away from killing me when I smashed him in the face with a boulder ftw. Mad respect to him, whoever he was. That was an epic battle.


NOTE: If the Monster gets to S3, Hunters failed to – what do you call it – hunt it.

Why should they be rewarded for failure?


Ping system, Tracking darts, mines, Dust tagging, turrets, sound spikes, etc etc. And mostly, the hunter himself. If you got dome that few times, you’re either the best monster of the game or you had terrible trappers.

Thing is, the learning curve of hunters is a lot higher, and most trappers out there will behave like all the other hunters, following the team, and the tracks, when he shouldn’t do that at all, the trapper is supposed to walk his way alone or with the support, cutting off your feeding route, if he doesn’t do that, he didn’t fully understand what his role is all about, but I assure you most of the hunters don’t need a buff in any way for the moment.


@Steveboy777 Curious, what level are you, are you playing evac, or skirmishes only?

Throughout Alpha, Beta and during Golive weak, this is a common complaint. Its mainly due to Hutners not knowing how to ‘Hunt’ and I don’t just mean following tracks, running to scared birds and following the dead bodies, I mean getting in front, predicting where its going, splitting into pairs (other basics of hunting) running with a Maggie and a Bucket etc…

Once you get further into the game you will find more Hunters learn how to hunt rather then chase and more often then not, a sneaky monster doesn’t have the option of sneaking and will be forced into a few low level engagements. Resulting in a loss of a health bar (or two).

If you let a Monster get to level 3 then you were either slacking, someone in your team was slacking, you were extremely unlucky, or the monster was a really god damn good sneak and you didn’t have the right setup for it.

I’d like to think I’m a good goliath/kraken player. I’m not great, but I am good, and even playing against my friends who I know are all on coms, doing there best to decimate me with there high level accounts and all hunters unlocked. I still get some wins in. But I know it’s an easy win for me when they don’t force me into a fight and I can pick it. Full HP, Full Armour and probably my choice of a buff or two… Yeah.


I can’t help but wonder how many of these complaints really come down to the poster not being as good as they think they are, and thinking they should do better, therefore if they’re not winning the majority of the time the game is broken?

Instead of asking the devs to make the game easier for you, focus on getting better at the game.

I’m barely a mediocre player, and I find playing against good monsters incredibly frustrating. It sucks losing repeatedly to people who play the monster well. But I don’t want them to nerf the monsters. I want to become a better player.

What would be more satisfying? Winning more because the devs nerfed the monster or winning more because you worked at it and became a better player?

I could understand the gripes if there were real balance issues, but it seems as though they’ve ironed things out pretty well, and at this point if you’re not winning it comes down to your ability as a player as the monster, or your ability AND the ability and cooperation of your teammates as a hunter.


Not tried Evac yet but I’m like…22 I think, in the 20’s anyway unlocked everyone and every monster.

The only time I’ve ever nearly lost Stage 3 fights is as Kraken but that’s because the two or three times that’s happened there’s been like no food on the map so I got attacked a few times trying to find it.
Not lost with 100% health besides my first online match of Defend.

I realize the monster getting to Stage 3 pretty much means the Hunters failed but half the time you can practically win with your eyes closed. A win is only feasible against a complete idiot like last night I played as Hank. Monster was wrecking the relay and just out of smell range I used Orbital Drop on it twice so when my team respawned the second time we finished it off.
Sometimes you get a stupid player like that or are up against a bot you can bait but anyone half decent can grab a win easily.

Knowing the map goes both ways, if the monster knows they know where the big kills are or that sweet albino Tyrant for health regen.