Some Kind of Anti-Cheat and/or Reporting system, please


To make it quite easily understood why i’m writing this:

Just played a match where i should have won. should have killed everyone easily. WOULD have killed everyone easily.

Assault Shield - 30 second cooldown timer after 10 seconds of use (or during the 10 seconds of use… kind of angry, can’t remember, don’t wanna look it up. feel free to correct me and i’ll edit it)

Jetpack (not booster) - 4 bars, goes away easily, refills. normally.

Just the opposing hyde could infinitely reuse his Shield and his Jetpack with no downtime at all.

Not to mention infinite jetpack booster, infinite lazarus cloak/bottomless clip/no cd heal burst/no cd gauntlet.

Infinite support cloak… stopped throwing down the little robot for shielding (again… too angry) after i killed it 6 times in a row instantly.

The only person who was playing against me legit was their trapper, and while it was nice getting one kill… I should have trashed their entire team.

So please, make reporting, a punishment system, a cheat-buster, integrate more with steam or something…

Literally anything you can do. My internet is terrible and normally i have a lot of fun in PvP…

Guess for all the people used to seeing this topic, we’ll say “baby’s first round against cheaters” (referring to myself)

Rant Over.