Some Issues I see with Behemoth


I’ve seen several issues while playing as Behemoth, and I think it’s about time I get them down all in one place.

Issue #1: Tongue Grab
Tongue Grab still isn’t very reliable when it comes to grabbing hunters off ledges. In addition, Tongue Grab isn’t very reliable when it comes to grabbing hunters at all. This is because hunters can simply jetback-dodge at the right time to negate the ‘grab’. This is simply unacceptable; jetpacks should only be used to allow the dodging of abilities, not the cancellation of them after they hit. I’d suggest disabling any jetpack use until they hit the ground after being hit by Tongue Grab.

Issue #2: Rock Wall
Rock Wall still breaks not only on things that are immovable (Daisy, bridges, etc.), but also randomly. I’ve even had it spawn behind me at times. I don’t know why it’s so random, but I do know that it needs to become more reliable. A broken or partially-formed wall can mean the difference between getting away and losing a ton of health, so this really needs to become more reliable. Pushing immovable creatures out of the way (like launching Daisy forward/backward) when it spawns, and forcing it to form even in strange situations would be solutions. Maybe not the best solutions, but I’d much rather have it spawn (and have some strange occurrences) than let it have a chance of not spawning at all.

Issue #3: Daisy
Daisy is a problem for Behemoth: she can’t be grabbed with Tongue Grab and Rock Walls break on her. This is especially bad if you’re trying to grab an incapped hunter and Daisy gets in the way - not only did you not grab the hunter, but Daisy doesn’t move at all. This needs changed; either Daisy needs to be given a falling animation (so she can be Tongue Grabbed) or she shouldn’t be able to be targeted by Tongue Grab.

Issue #4: Behemoth’s Roll
There are a few different problems with Behemoth’s roll:

  1. The stamina cost for entering the roll needs to change, or be eliminated entirely. It punishes Behemoth way too hard for things not in his control, like Griffin spamming harpoons, small wildlife getting in the way, small ledges stopping him or veering him off course, etc. It was added in to be a quick fix to the ‘roll/melee’ combo spam, but now that we have a true fix for that we no longer need this unnecessary punishment.
  2. Behemoth’s roll needs to stop being stopped or veered off-course by every little thing. Behemoth should be easily to roll over things like Marsh Striders, Reavers, Grubs, bushes & other destructible plants, small poles, etc. Even things like Trapjaws should get pushed to the side (especially when Behemoth is in Stage 2/3). For being a ‘behemoth’, it’s awfully strange that Behemoth can be stopped by just about anything. That doesn’t seem right, and I think it should be changed.
  3. Behemoth’s roll sometimes doesn’t gain momentum. It just keeps rolling at the same slow speed until I get out of the roll. I assume this is a bug that needs looked at, because it happens randomly.
  4. Less of an issue than the others, but it’d be really nice to see Behemoth’s roll actually deal decent damage again.

Issue #5: Sunny’s Jetpack Booster
While this is an issue for all of the monsters, it’s especially bad for Behemoth. Behemoth (with its stamina problems, roll problems, Rock Wall problems, etc) can hardly get away from a team being boosted. In addition, the vertical dodge while being boosted is insane. I was right next to a medic as Behemoth, and they boosted upwards. I tried to grab the medic right afterwards with Tongue Grab but they were out of range. It’s insane that they can get that much distance that quickly, especially vertically. I’d recommend nerfing the boost it gives (maybe it should only give a small boost, like 10%); after all, all it really needs to do is give extra jetpack fuel. Anything more than that starts to become too strong.

Issue #6: No Burst Movement
I’m not saying that Behemoth should have something on the level of Goliath’s leap or Wraith’s traversal warp, but he should have something. Right now Behemoth gets slaughtered by Hyde (Toxic Grenades) and Torvald (Mortars) because he simply can’t get out of the way fast enough. I’d recommend giving him a bit more starting momentum when starting a roll.

Issue #7: Pounce / Sneak Attack
Behemoth’s sneak attack has some issues as well. Not only is the attack portion itself somewhat unwieldy (all too often you’ll shoot past the hunter you’re aiming for), but while attacking you seem to be quite loud (Behemoth sneak attack is way too loud with little falloff).

Issue #8: Fissure
Sometimes when you use Fissure, it just doesn’t come out (you do the animation but no fissure happens). In addition, it can be hard to tell just how far it’ll go when you use it to attack hunters at a higher elevation. I’d recommend fixing the bug (I assume it’s a bug) causing the first problem, and for the second issue I’d like to see it go the same horizontal distance regardless of how far it travels vertically.

[I may add more issues to this post as I come across them or remember them.]

If you guys have seen more issues with Behemoth, feel free to post them!


you are totally right man!
only thing i’d like to add is the sneak attack. it feels like years to get into sneak, so hunters easily get away, even when the sneak attack itself has a scary range.


Yeah I agree with this. I don’t really understand why I can land my tongue grab just to have them boost out of it.


I completely forgot about Behemoth’s sneak attack! I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks for reminding me!


I really hope they don’t forget about all those terrible roll nerfs they did and fix them. Tounge grab is definetly still rediculously unreliable let alone rockwall being rockwall. He’s a fun character but your fighting his kit the entire time your playing him. Let alone the inability to stick to anyone anymore.


The devs have already said that Behemoth is getting some love in the next micropatch/titleupdate, so we don’t have to worry for long. I completely agree with all of the points mentioned here as they are presented nicely. I also think the Behemoths extremely slow melee attacks should have a damage buff as they fail to be able to chain together and out heal a good medic. It is also very easy to dodge these attacks as they are very slow. @MacMan can you say anything about buffs for Behemoth or is he good aside from a few bugs here and there?


…I know she’s fat but c’mon, immovable? :wink:




When in small areas behemoths fissure sometimes doent even spawn.

This is more rare but it also happens in open areas


I forgot about this one. Thanks for reminding me; I’ll add it to the list.