Some Idea's for new Modes


Most of these other people have suggested but maybe
A Team Battle 1 Monster & 4 Hunters fight another team
Double Trouble 2 Monster vs 6 (not 8 as that would be insane) hunters
and maybe a Monster Protecter mode where 4 hunters need to defend a stage 1 monster from a stage 3
Dunno what you guys think but Double Trouble mode is the mode i want to see the most

Multi Hunt

A mode where the hunters must ally with the monster.

Against… hum…Evil human soldiers?


Mammoth Birds


What would you guys think of a breeding mode where 2 monster’s (of the same kind) have to meet in one of three different breeding grounds to lay eggs (or something) and the hunters need to either
A: kill one of the monsters before they breed
B: Destroy the Eggs
Or C: kill both of the monsters thus basicaly making the eggs vunerable
For the Monster’s to win they need to defend the eggs untill the time runs out


1 Monster Vs 1 Monster no hunters :wink:


A mode where the Hunter team need to defend a research facility’s core power supply.

Three power nodes spread out around the map. These power defenses for the core power relay. (Turrets, perhaps mobile air defenses as seen in Evac, health regen stations).

The nodes themselves must be defended by the hunter team, as they have no other defenses themselves.

Monster goals -

[OPTIONAL] Destroy the power nodes -
Each is responsible for powering a specific type of defense (e.g. A powers turrets, B powers heal stations, etc). The monster doesn’t HAVE to destroy them all, or even any, but it will be much harder for him if he doesn’t destroy any.

[MAIN] destroy the core power relay OR kill all of the hunters.

This mode will also preserve the story of the game.

2 Monsters v 8 Hunters

that would mean TRS would have to change alot like abduction, tounge grab and the pounces and then everyone would be a kraken and that would make behemoth terrible as the only range he has exposes him


tr1ck that is basically defend mode


Defend mode requires you to destroy gen A, gen B and then the fuel station with the aid of minions. There are no healing stations, and hunters have unlimited drops.

This mode would require the hunter team to actively defend multiple points, and may require them to prioritise which nodes they want to defend more, and which they feel they can afford to lose. The monster has no minions to aid him, so he has to take out the relays whilst being mindful of that. I imagine it taking place in maps that are available for hunt, rescue and nest, so the monster buffs available are entirely open for the monster/hunters to take, unlike in defend, where only the damage buff is there.

Also, the monster doesn’t HAVE to destroy all of the objectives, only the core one (or the hunters).


I like the idea. even if it is like defend :smiley:


oh but it is to similar to defen so TRS probably wont do it


This sadly will most likely be the case…


They could at the minimum add map effects the heal stations and air force


Well, maybe. But I’d still like some more creative ideas being thrown out there, that can contribute to the story of Evolve, too. I keep seeing monster v monster, or 2v8, but those just seem so boring to me… Not to mention there are big issues with them.


Monster + 4 hunters Vs monster + 4 hunters. Imagine jetpack boosting and shielding a Behemoth into combat.


Thats my Team Battle idea


You can’t do monster-Hunter vs monster-Hunter. It doesn’t go with the lore of the game. You have to realize that any game mode they make has to be able to be used on all maps as well as being played in evacuation.

Anything you make has to be more associated. So monster vs. monster makes no sense. Hunter vs Hunter, no sense.

The game is built and balanced around 4v1, so 2v6 or 2v8 wouldn’t work.

I’ve had some ideas for game modes as well but I will post them at a later date. Have to hash out some details first.


Just got an Idea like therubexcube said it can only have 4 hunters 1 monster so what about a hunt mode but the monster is the hunter and the hunters need to hide to try stay alive support can help alot in this mode by cloaking the hunters job is to hide from the monster untill a evac ship arrives and the monsters job is to find and kill the hunters
The plot could be that a monster has crashed their ship Kraken and a evacuation ship is on its way the hunter needs to find and kill the hunters to win, the Hunters job is to hide from the monster untill the evac ship arrives and enter the extraction pod


Maybe for the one where they defend the stage 1 monster, it’s a monster they were doing reassured on. And they don’t want it to die or they will lose all their reassuring stuf.


Well it could and couldnt work as why would the monster help them if it was experimented on unless where would the enemy hunters attack and why would the enemy monster kill the experimented one
or i couldnt work because its a 4v1