Some ideas about Jack's repulsor

When Jack was released he was a very balanced trapper imo. The only huge problem was the fact that he (and Griffin) sucked against Kraken.

In the latest patch, they increased Griffin’s effectivness against Kraken, but tried to give Jack the power to bend the repulsor much further, making it more effective at pushing down Kraken.

This made the repulsor MUCH more powerful against every monster, making him too powerful imo. The repulsor is supposed to be used to stop monsters coming right towards you, but now you can stop monsters walking in completely different direction, even away from Jack and some cases.

I suggest we make the horizontal bend go back to 45 degrees, but keep the vertical bend we have now. This way it keeps its effectiveness at pulling Kraken down but stops being so effective against the other monsters.

With this, I think it would also be neccessary to change the capacity and time before it starts reloading back to normal.



It is waaay too strong from the change it got. All Monsters struggle now with it, not just Kraken. Kraken actually has difficulties now so that’s good.

Hold up.

I disagree with this though.


I guess that can stay the same. I just thought it was a wierd buff and nerf, since they both kind of cancelled themselves out.

Meh, I don’t balance games for a living so who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do say that the repulsors are ridiculous now though.

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The repulsor seems fine to me

I always felt the repulsor was a smidge too strong against goliath and wraith personally. But i will agree this extra angling def made things more… interesting