Some hunter teams seem unstoppable


So when I play hunt mode, i get to a point where I seem to be going against teams with deadly hunter combinations.

I’m a player who doesn’t like to hide the entire game. I ambush before I evolve or either stalk the hunters for an opportunity to score some strikes.

But when I’m going against freaking Daisy whom I have no idea how to confuse, or Griffin with Sunny, or either Hank with Vals unbelievably powerful heal charger that needs perfection from a monster to get someone down.

The only option is to hide the entire game till stage 3. Which I refuse to hide in massive periods, because I don’t think that’s fun what’s so ever.

I like ambushing. Without a dog detecting every movement I make with me sneaking behind them.

I’m the top 40 Goliath in America on PS4. Then there are times i feel like I’m one of the worst players because I can’t make a dint in some of these teams that got it figured out.

Like, I got trees in my way. I got birds always showing up when I eat. And I never hide from hunters that long. Like 30 to 60 secs tops. Not to mention mammoth birds.

Which is weird. Because when I fight teams who aren’t unstoppable, I can take them down fairly easy at stage one. Sometimes stage 2, if they strike with an orbital or mines.

Do I suck? Are the hunters actually sliiiiightly overpowered? Is this something that requires hunters to screw up for a mere second.

If hunters do everything right, monsters can’t win. Which is great, but I just got in a rage earlier and I had to vent on here, lol. Lost by the same team 3 times in a row, me playing Kraken, Goliath and Wraith.

Is there a way to break these teams whom are stealing the glory, lol?:triumph:


You can play Gorgon, The ambush queen. She has a much higher skill-cap than Goliath and Kraken.

Who cares if people say shes bad against high-level coordinated teams, heck, all monsters are to an extent.

But if you insist on playing the Original 3, I recommend sneaking to juke daisy.

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Hi, it feels like that sometimes. But I promise you, after a while you will laugh at what you have been facing because in the end you KNOW how to beat them. I have felt like this before aswell and if I loose I go against the same hunters over and over again until I win, not by luck, just knowing how they play and thinking back at what I did wrong when I lost. It works. I play Kraken almost all the time, I use damage or cooldown reduction with him because I will always be in the air. But IF i play as Goliath or any other monster I ALWAYS pick movement speed just because they are running on the ground (sometimes I pick it for Kraken aswell). Movement speed is the best perk ever for Goliath, no joke. I love it so much. Around 2 weeks ago I almost beated a gold hunter team. Had 2 strikes on Laz and 2 strikes on trapper and more than half my health left (stage 3). But I screw up in the end. I NEVER play Goliath and I was so close at getting that win. And I was using movement speed. I would not do good without that perk, because with that you can abuse the melee attacks on a hunter, Abes slowdown won’t help at all, you can run away from a fight whenever you want and you will get far away without having them on you 24/7, you sneak super quick which helps against Daisy. Believe me I got a free stage 2 evolve and full armour w Kraken a while ago against a Wasteland Maggie (using MS) and they were a high skilled team aswell. And you move super quick in a battle. That’s all I can say, and it made me trick those who are using Maggie, they think they will find me easy - but nope :wink:


Sometimes it just can’t be helped. I’m trying to accept that too, but I really can’t :stuck_out_tongue: I get frustrated if I don’t win EVERY game.

What build do you use? I’ve been taking LS/Charge/FB lately (picked up Charge instead of RT), and it helps a lot for getting away. There are still the horrendous collision and feeding bugs but those are out of your control.

Do hit and run tactics. Wait around some corners, hit and see if you have something to work with. If not, run and try again. If nothing else, this will make them a little more afraid of recklessly charging on. You could also try this with a long range rock as they come around a corner or up a cliff.

What is your PSN? I may remember you from Hunt. If not, I could record a match if we happen to meet, and let you know what you could do better. Follow the example of Goliaths like FormationHD and Michigan Ball. (Michigan is quite devastating right now, for us).

Also @Zetrocci gave a little bit of bad advice. Don’t sneak too much vs Daisy. You’ll just get caught if the Trapper is good and the team splits decently. You can save sneaking to do jukes past Daisy, get a decent amount of distance (~60-100m) and then start fleeing speedly again.


Some hunters are just that good as far as player skill goes, and I know, its hard to admit, but they may just be better. There is nothing wrong with it, you just have to accept it on continue to work to improve yourself. With that being said, some comps are just CRAZY strong against Goliath, and you truly cannot miss abilities. You NEED to focus hard, and kill fast.


If you play against Val + Hank, I recommend you to focus Hank first and then the medic because the medic can heal himself while he doesn’t take any damages.
If it’s Griffin + Sunny, focus Sunny and then Griffin because Sunny will use the jetpack booster on the hunter the monster is targeting.
If it’s Daisy and you want to juke her, run a bit in one direction and then go sneaky in an another one, Daisy will go in the direction of the footsteps you left instead of the sneaky one for an certain ammount of time. If you see that Daisy is far away, run as far as you can.


Juking daisy is what I meant bro :open_mouth:


Ah l took it as sneak often.


Going up against a team with Daisy I will always try and kill her in that first dome. Makes the rest of the match go a lot easier for me.


Here is what I do as Bob.

  1. Find a cave and eat along the way.

  2. Sit in cave and never coming out, even if hunter is trying to bait me out of cave…

  1. shoot lava bomb from the inside or just sit their and say “I will make your round boring by sitting in this cave and you not coming in”


Nah, sneaking won’t do any good against daisy, I usually go for sprinting in long lines. Though I don’t know a whole lot about playing against high level teams. Maggie really is the best trapper because she knows the shortest distance to the monster at all times and can then infer the monster’s route and cut it off.


xTr1ckOrTr3atx is correct the problem is you’re probably sneaking too much against Daisy…it doesn’t work against her all it does is give her more time to figure out where you are. If you keep moving, sneak some on and off, and use ledges and chasms it confuses her and you’ve gained distance at the same time. I used to try and just sneak against her too back in my more noobish days, however, it does not work.

The Hank and Val issue is pretty simple if you’re targeting Val when Hank is up you’re wasting your time her self heal is massive and she’s being shielded anyway. A couple of the only exceptions are if you can abduct her away and pound her with Wraith or cut her off from Hank with Bobs rock wall.


Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I will try them out tonight! :smile:


My set up is Goliath with speed. Starting off with charge, flame, leap smash.
Kraken I also go with speed and go with 3 point shock wave in the first stage.
Then Wraith I would (forgot what it’s called) put 3 points into the explosion move, lol.
Behemoth is set up with agility for non stop rolling. I start off with 1 point in in rock wall and 2 points into lava bomb.
Gorgon is also agility with 2 points into the acid, and 1 point into the spider. Back then I did 3 points into the spider and was mighty affective with people who don’t pay attention.

PSN account is “Last-Noobn” and I’ll be happy to be critiqued!

That was a good point to see if I have anything to work with. Because I would stick around a bit hoping someone screws up.


Ask @maddcow about juking daisy.


May i know what platform you playing in ? how long have you been playing ?
Do you have a video ?

some hunter com are really annoying, especially Val chase com…


I’ve played on PS4 since the the first beta. I even applied for the Alpha for PC, but was not one of the lucky few. Any videos? I used to, but I cleared the memory of all my videos by accident.


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