Some feedback


Been playing for a little over a week now. I absolutely adore this game. However, the attrition rate is high amongst my friends. I just wanted to forward some of the complaints I’ve heard and give a bit of my own feedback

The most common complaint I heard involves the jetpack. It runs on empty far too often from just moving around. I understand this is mostly an L2P issue, but it’s very player-unfriendly especially just starting out.

Juggling is the second most common complaint, and the biggest one during combat. If the monster lands even a single knockback, it is an afterthought to chain together more knockbacks to straight up incap one target. It’s an even bigger issue once a hunter has strikes on them. There needs to be some inherent protection against this, like temporary immunity. Personally, if it took some skill for the Monster to pull off, I’d be alright with the current state. It is far too easy for the monster to focus one player down and kill them outright. Often times the damage the players can dish out isn’t enough to deter the monster, especially if he catches someone vital. It is unbelievably frustrating.

My biggest pet peeve is how forgiving the Monster’s abilities are. I’ve missed by miles and still been given the hit. I’ve charged clearly underneath flying hunters and sent them flying for no reason. I’ve sent hunters on catwalks flying by striking the underside with a rock. I’ve leapt well past hunters and scattered them anyway. I’m missed countless Lightning Blasts and Vortexes and still decimated my foes. Being on the receiving end of this is equally frustrating. I can’t name the number of times I’ve been sent flying despite dodging well out of the animation. Vortex is especially guilty of this. Combined with the ability to juggle hunters, this forgiveness makes it too easy to play the monster. I know I hear complaining over chat whenever a Monster manages to incap someone well outside of its animation. Being able to stay out of the Monsters reach, and successfully avoiding abilities needs to be reliable. Having to guess whether or not you’ve made it far enough away is no good. If you think its okay for this because it helps compensate for lag, I disagree. The Monster has the HP to survive the occasional failing due to lag, while for the Hunters it’s life or death for each one.

I personally have an issue with Pounce. It’s sort of ridiculous right now. It ensures I only have to down 3/4 of the hunters to secure a win. It’s a auto-win button at the end of a fight. It’s also a little silly that you can basically animation cancel an attack with it. My suggestion is that there be a combat and non-combat condition for pounce. Non-combat would be any pounce made that the monster hasn’t taken damage from hunters in X seconds. It would still end in a hunters death after a well deserved mauling. This would be so that if you catch someone alone you can still punish that lone hunter. The combat pounce, on the other hand, would end after a certain amount of damage to the Hunter. This would give hunters a chance to escape after the first pounce. Pounce would still end on damage.

**I don’t know if this is the case, but when hunters interact and take the buff from an elite mob it needs to deny the buff from the monster. This denial can be useful for punishing Monsters that refuse to engage until Stage 3 and to create competition over some of the stronger buffs.


For specific modes.

I believe a both Nest and Rescue could be greatly improved by removing the attacking sides ability constantly see the objective. Currently I never see Rescue and certainly never select it myself. It’s too easy for the monster to beat the Hunters to the survivors and slaughter them wholesale.

By removing sight from the monster you create a situation where the monster must search for the Survivors and make itself an easier target for the Hunters or stalk the Hunters and wait for them to find the survivors.

Nest would help balance the mode by creating a more Search and Destroy feel. Instead of the race to the finish it is now. Obviously Match length would be increased to compensate for having to search.