Some fan art behemoth

So I had a free hour at work so I made

this one, I didn’t have a reference so the head is somewhat different


I’m going to move it into Fan Art within Community Content if that’s fine with you. By the way very nice work I wish I could draw like this :cry:

Yeah i just posted it on that long one, and thanks :smiley: I appreciate the comment

If I were you I’d try it as a profile picture, see how it looks.

I’ts somewhat small, but it should do thanks! I will likely make some more eventually

Aww…you can draw epic stuff…in my case it begins with a simple doodle to a full blown nightmare on paper…be gratefull what you draw doesnt give you nightmares

Just practice allot. ^.^

Yes I would practice and practice, bestw ay to get good at anything.