Some discussion about Slims healing bug and Kala teleporters


Edit: Moved this balance discussion from the bug report it came from - Niaccurshi

Maybe that’s intended?

Slim's healing bug doesn't follow through Kala teleport?

It may be, and maybe a dev can let me know that if it’s the case.


Hopefully so. The bug can be sent any distance so this really shouldn’t effect much. Also, if you could just send healing to someone from across the map it would seem a little broken, don’t ya think?


I have no idea what you’re trying to say, sorry!

The report here is that someone had the bug on them and then no longer did when they went through the teleport but the healing bug healing cross icon (and presumably the bug) remained at the original teleporter and the healing bug was no longer on Griffin.


What I’m trying to say is this; Teleported a dude across the map and out of danger and now he’s being healed with no way of finding him. The bug is meant to be used while out of combat or in a cloak not for teleporting someone away 500m to get free healing.


Sorry, I missed the part where this was a balance discussion.


Woah there, I’m just trying to back my claim that this is intended.


Well the bug can be thrown across the map anyhow…


I know, and that’s what I said but just allowing a Hunter to Warp so far away to receive free healing seems like it shouldn’t be a thing.


It wouldn’t really matter though. Slim pops another bug and viola, free heals.

  1. Was this a visual bug or did it affect gameplay in some way?

  2. No need to become hostile, he’s questioning if it’s indeed intended or if it is a bug. From his standpoint it is broken to send someone miles away to get free heals in the middle of a fight just because you can’t keep up with healing. He believes it is an out of combat tool and that this should be a feature if it is a confirmed bug. I tend to agree with him.


If I understand this correctly, your saying it’s a tactical advantage for a team to teleport one hunter some 100 meters away to get healing from slims drone, right?

I disagree. It’s not really an advantage imo.
The healing bug takes a while to heal someone. So if someone teleports away to get healing, then the hunters only fight 3v1.
If the assault teleports, then the monster has more time to try and kill someone else.
If the trapper teleports, then there is no dome.
If Kala teleports, just destroy the second teleporter and she won’t come back anytime soon ^^
And if slim teleports, then the team is basically fighting without a medic.


Basically this. Healing them on the other side of the map also means a hunter less on this side of the map


I was agreeing with Crow and Shredder, then when Mindoci put out that it is a tactical disadvantage for someone to run away, I completely switched sides. I think this is completely balanced, and if someone wants to run away from me, and leave their team for bait… Then Im freakin taking it.


They leave for 15secs, they get free healing, then they come straight back.


15 free seconds for me to snack on tasty roasted hunters.


15 secs where they just run. 15 secs where another one is just waiting to do the same. 15 secs that can save one life, then another.


Can the healing bug go out of the arena? (Say Kala tp’d out of the arena, can Slim send her a healing bug even though he is still in the arena?)


That’s a good question. I believe it does.


What are you proposing that they do?