Some Criticism


I would like to give some critique regarding the game. Noone should feel obligated to answer to this post.

I. The graphics and design:
Gorgeous. I liked every bit of it. Give the responsible people a raise.

II. The gameplay
I initially enjoyed the hunting a lot. I was about to name this my game of the year. Then I started to notice problems:
a)Sometimes the game I waited 10 minutes for to start ends after 3 minutes. But that’s the players’ fault.
b)Often the game consists of 15-20 minutes parcour and 2 minutes great battle against a level 3 monster.
While those 15-20 minutes I basically have to entertain myself while I run after the trapper. If I play trapper, I spend that time having people look at me to finally give them their chance for fun.
The hunt is fun to a point. But over time I realise that most hunters are just 2 additional eyes on legs for most of the game. Not only will shooting the monster accomplish nothing, it will give the monster a huge movement bonus, so all they can do is look. That can really make these hunters feel insignificant and bored. This isn’t Scotland Yard (the board game) where everybody can apprehend Mr X, but perhaps the other hunters should be allowed to shoot at the monster to give them something to do.

Generally spoken the hunt is still great. But it goes on for too long if the trapper doesn’t manage to catch the monster.
Now, I do not want to say that the monster should be easier to catch. If the trapper is bad, then the monster should win. But the other hunters should still have fun.
I think this problem should be addressed.
For example the monster should get a reason to put up a fight earlier. Currently the main motivation of the monster is to get to level 3, which may take quite some time. Perhaps the monster should receive incentive to but up a fight earlier. For example the monster could get a full heal when going from level 1 to level 2 and the “strikes” on the hunters’ health should be more significant. So the monster would feel more comfortable to give the hunters a battle sooner (provided the monster has the leeway to build a full shield, because if the hunters manage to keep the shield low, then the hunters are already having fun.)
That example is probably not thought through enough, but for the purpose of an example it does the trick.
If you agree with me about the problem, you certainly want to put your own ideas into it.

III. The business model
For the players the DLC business model currently is somewhere between “ok” and “barely acceptable”.
I can deal with it, and it will become better and better the more content there is to choose from, but I would like to give incentive to look at it again.
I would like to compare it to the MOBA model. You get to see great stuff and often think “man I’d like to have that”, but it is different from MOBA models: You know that you are not working towards it, but you have to buy it. That is unpleasant. The terms “season pass” and “dlc” are red flags for many players.
On the other hand the quality of the work is so great that it is understandable to charge extra, it is a fair deal. But really unpleasant to know some content is forever behind a gate.
Perhaps a solution that allows use of a specific hunter for a time would be a good idea. For a “free rotation” the number of hunters and monsters is not large enough (yet), but there are plenty of other ideas. Several games chose the approach to temporarily unlock things with game currency, but only permanentely unlock things with money. Others include a “preview” option that allows to unlock something for a few hours to test it.

I really do not want you to give these high quality work for free, great work should be rewarded - but consider giving all players a taste of it. Make them work up points to rent a specific hunter and test it out. Make the time short if you want to, make it impossible to continuously rent the same hunter, any limitation you want, but give the players something that makes them feel like they get to experience the whole game after they bought it.

IV. The lobby and matchmaking system
It does the trick, but it needs work. More freedom would be nice. A traditional server browser is my personal favourite, but not necessary. However, I think players are capable of filling servers if you give them the information they need.
Just sitting and waiting for matchmaking is boring and it has been established in many other games, that no matchmaking is a guarantee for a good game.
The ideal would be that I press matchmaking and I get to play the role I want with a team I deserve and a monster that puts up a great fights. That is rare. Even with perfect matchmaking that would be rare.
I would much rather see the players be provided with a lot of information to easier find the game they want to have. Now this has not worked out ideally yet, either.
What you do has to be up to you, I just want to mention that in my opinion evolve’s lobby system needs attention.

tl;dr: “too annoying, didn’t write”
if you don’t want to read it, don’t.


I just wanted to say that theyre having community challenges for skins for hunters and monsters, so while some things are pay to have, therell be times when they make us work for our stuff, like the Voodoo challenge goin on right now :smile:


Nice TL;DR? ^.-


I personally like this approach better with the community challenge. They can add more skins to the game this way and it gets more people playing things.