Some confusion


Hi maybe someone can help me with this:

If I pick the pre game buff for Val to be like 11% faster moving and then in-game I pick up a buff from an animal saying movement speed is increased by 35% does that then total 46% or does the wild life buff override the pregame buff?

When Crow reveals wildlife and the monster they get a yellow outline right? But guess what if I shoot the monster with a tranq dart it fets a yellow outline as well. . . do you see the problem? How can I tell if I hit with the tranq dart when the monster is already outlined in yellow because Crow revealed it?

Thanks for the help


Whichever has the highest value takes over. So you will be 11% faster until you get the buff, then you’ll be 35% faster. Once it wears off you’ll be 11% faster again.

The monster slows down. It’s just something you’ll learn over time when they move slower.


Except the Kraken, he won’t slow down right now. ^.^


He does when he is on the ground :slight_smile:


But he’s never on the ground, because he can’t be pulled down atm; in combat. :smile:


Oh really? So tranq dart doesnt do anything to him in mid air? Is that going to change? Because the tranq can help to land orbital strike etc, would be good if it would affect Kraken as well


He can still be pulled down. It’s just easy to land and get back up. It’s MUCH more noticeable with Abe’s grenades then Tranqs/Crow.


Tranq still pull down the Kraken from the ground. Once on the ground THEN he is slower.


In combat, a decent Kraken can stay airborne most of the fight. Even if being held by harpoons and such. Grenades make it annoying, but the Kraken can still stay airborne for too long.

But yes, in air he isn’t affected by slows. Only on ground.

Slows are supposed to drag the Kraken out of the sky.