Some concrete buffs to our favorite or 2nd favorite Robot (Bucket)

I thought they buffed his turret damage along with the range

They did, but they also removed 2 of his sentries so…

Not enough to make up for it.

Mathematically speaking, going from 5 Sentry Guns dealing 400dps means you’ll end up with 240dps at only 3 Sentry Guns, so TRS added some extra range and damage.

The problem is that those buffs were intended to make up for the lack of those 2 extra Sentry Guns and it was likely supposed to bring his dps back to 400.
Instead they went from 240 to 270.

So yeah… not quite there yet.
Though I suppose 400dps might be too high considering the current ease of deploying all 3.

I don’t have time to read the reasoning behind the buffs in your TL;DR, but I think those are too many buffs at once. Several good ideas here, and Bucket definitely does need more buffs, but I’d take it slower than this.


I had just woken up and accidentally did 400. It’s 450 for 5 turrets because it’s 90/sec per turret

Only range got changed during deployment patch

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I had the same thoughts about the damage. Was the deploy time shorten?

What, what deployment patch

These were the only Bucket changes in the same patch that reduced deployable count from 5 to 3.

when deployables went from 5 to 3. i call that the deployable/deployment patch as that caused a bigger change in my opinion than anything else

The only thing that needs twerking are the sentries and maybe, just maybe the UAV. GML are fine and dandy.

overall I think these changes are too drastic.

I would love a damage buff and an accuracy buff to his sentries.

They aim for the torso though.

@The_Mastermind bucket certainly does not feel like 3 turrets does anywhere close to 1.8 times markovs lightning gun damage.

and if it was a hidden change to compensate for the reduced sentries I really fucking wish they wouldn’t fucking do that.

Yeah apparently MacMan doesn’t know all that much about the stats… guess I gotta start taking everything every dev says with a grain of salt.

Well, as you said they aim for the torso. This means from very close range, they wont hit the head at all, but whats left and right and below the torso? Limbs and void. 0.5 and 0 times damage. So looking at their incredible spread, they obviously wont hit for 270 dps. According to the data recently provided by Macman the spread of Parnells shotgun is 10, Torvald has 7. The turrets have 15/16, so a lot less accurate than a shotgun. Depending on how this value is used in the algorithms, this may lead to an even bigger area where the bullets spread on than just +50% (+125% for example).

In addtion to that, I doubt that Markov’s DPS is actually 150, which is what you assume here. From what I have seen, it is very inconsistent and may reach even 200 (very unrealistic), if my hypothesis that the childbeams may connect to different hitboxes of the same target is true.

It feels very weird to be trying to discuss this issue of Bucket’s balance by getting very particular about numbers. It feels somewhat irrelevant in the wider view of everything that happens in a game.

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because accuracy and how often you have 3 turrets firing at one from a good range (usually within 10m of a turret)

also, the fire rate was probably changed to 5 since launch considering the pre-launch threads have it shown as 2 and although they probably didnt note any changes in a patch note, the community would of noticed a huge change like that in game.

well, involving the sentries i think its okay. people have previously said they wanted a damage buff, but its more of an accuracy issue. if it likely you’ll get 270dps often from longer ranges? not really because they lack sufficient accuracy. increase the accuracy and then that 270 becomes a better possibility. otherwise, you’ll really only get about 90-180

His DPS may not be 150 but his LG DPS is according to MacMan but then again he also said sentry guns do 2x20 damage per second so I dunno.

it still at close ranges hits a majority of the monster like 90%+

50% chest 40% limbs 10% complete miss = 189 still more than LG
50% 30% 20% = 175
even if it only lands 50% on torso and hits nothing else thats still 90% of markovs LG damage which again it doesn’t feel anything close to that.

yea, that was in January before launch. remember how they changed Emet’s tracking shot last second to be 65 to help with wildlife? same thing most likely happened with Bucket. between his post and Launch, they probably changed the rate of fire and damage.

and ya know what shoulda happened? Patch notes… If they’re gonna almost triple someones damage output it should be fucking mentioned.

if it occured BEFORE launch, then its fine. Hunters had an issue and bucket might of been one of the focus points, they increased his damage potential pre-launch to help more players when the game released. the first post-launch patch that changed characters was 1.3 in march with no changes to sentries.

so that means this “triple damage output” has been around for the ENTIRE LAUNCH PERIOD and you’re just now getting annoyed about it because no one told you anything until now.

the only thing they mentioned post beta/pre-launch was changing the damage. but they’re not required to tell us anything.

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Alpha beta and a dev stating his damage at 200 DPS. If you’re gonna give out that information correct it when you change it… it’s not a hard concept.

Yep they’re not required to release patch notes either. But they do and when they change things that they have told us they should make a post saying if it has changed.