Some Clarification questions I have about Evolve Intricacy


So I have a few questions that I hope some of you can answer, otherwise, we can summon the powers that be.

  1. Wildlife Buff question:
    Bullets slow/poison monster.

What weapons are/are not included in this. Obvious bullet guns are bullets. I know the lightning gun is not, as well as hydes flame thrower and Caira’s Nades. I would imagine the Mortars or parnells rocket do not work for this either.

What about Slim’s Leech gun? Hanks Laser Cutter? Val’s Tranq “dart”?

  1. Hank’s Shield and Hunter Perks(and buffs). If Hank picks 15% damage reduction as a perk, does that transfer to his shield on a hunter? If not, then if the shielded hunter has damage reduction, does that mean the shield is also taking 15% less damage?

  2. Fire Burn damage. Does residual fire damage stack with other fire sources? So if Hyde and Caira are in a match, Hyde has the monster on fire, as usual, and the monster is taking instant fire damage as well as burn damage. Caira shoots a nade at the monster. Monster will take instant damage, but the burn damage for the nade, is that canceled by hydes burn(only 1 burn damage source) or does the monster now “burn” 2x as fast?

I always think of more, but that is all I can remember at this time.


@MaddCow knows quite a bit of stuff, and tends to enjoy helping people.

  1. Slim and Hank do benefit, Vals tranq already does it so ^.^
  2. No, shields and other stuff like that don’t benefit from perks (except capacity on Sun and Hank)
  3. I wanna test this now -.- dammit
    How do i even test that?
    Too small of incriments


Vals tranq does the slow, so then would it stack and have 2 slows? what about poison monster?


1 - I believe any weapon capable of hitting weakpoints would qualify, however, I have not extensively tested these. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunny’s Nuke (For instance) would slow as well.

2 - If Hank has damage reduction it doesn’t carry over. If the Hunter being shielded has the perk, then yes, it does help mitigate how much gets absorbed by the shield.

3 - No, burn damage sources do not stack. They only refresh among themselves and eachother.

  1. Any weapon that does actual damage to the monster will trigger this effect. So this would not include Val’s Tranq, Abe’s Tracking Dart, Crow’s Stasis gun.

  2. No, Hank’s DR perk and buffs do not apply to the hunter being shielded.

  3. Fire DoT does not stack on itself, so it will always be the same DoT.

So many quetions

Slows don’t stack. Whichever is the higher value takes precedence.


Even the lightning gun?

And if the shielded hunter has dam reduction, then does that affect the shield?


I do not believe so, if I remember correctly the dart doesnt count as a conventional projectile, so no.
I think its any damaging bullet, and darts do no damage. Also itd only take the strongest slow, slows do not stack


Going off this a little, do different sources of DoT stack? Like Trapper has poison bullets and Hyde is using flamethrower, do both DoTs apply?

I think anything that can take advantage of Weakspots can apply poison.


Or ones that make em, Laz can slow you down, as well as Vals sniper (i think, i might be crazy)


Yes, Poison and Flame DoT’s can both be applied at the same time.


Yes, they can too! :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s generally how I think of it, to keep things straight.


updating the thread with answers that I have gotten:

Which means I should grab this with Markov and Hyde!

Followup Question:


Yes, DoT values are increased by the Damage Perk and Buff, and Decreased by the DR Perk and Buff


Awesome, and last question is if the shielded hunter has damage reduction perk, does that mean the shield is also taking 15% less damage for either assault shield or Hanks?


Currently DR on the target hunter does reduce the amount of shield energy consumed by Hank. This may or may not change in the future. As for the Assault, yes it reduces shield damage, but that doesn’t matter as much for assault as the shield is time based unless the assault takes enough damage to get through the shield, which usually does not happen before the ability’s time runs out.


Thank you @MajorLeeHyper, @MaddCow and everyone else for your prompt assistance.