Some character should go back to 5 deployables


I know this has been talked about before, but it really feels like it should be changed. The three deployable change is fine for Markov, Bucket, and Maggie, because it makes things less stressful for the monster. Some characters however, didnt become any less annoying but still got these changes.

The two that should be changed are Abe and Griffin. Abe should be changed back because having three stasis grenades doesnt effect the monster much, but just makes playing as Abe less fun. I used to love slowly covering the battlefield in stasis grenades, but now there is a lot less strategy in placement since you just throw them in three random places and cover a huge area. Griffin didnt feel like he needed this change either, because it just makes the spikes much less strategic.

I imagine a lot of people agree with these characters being less fun now, considering the only times i have ever seen Griffin and Abe being played after that patch is when they get picked by a bot.

Im not sure if there would be problems with coding, since having a different amount of deployables for different characters might not be easy, but it would make both of them way more fun.


Decided to add in a poll

  • Abe and Griffin should keep 3 deployables
  • Abe and Griffin should go back to 5 deployables

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I honestly think that Abe kind of benefits from 3 stasis nades. Let me think for a second, iirc, Abe’s nades now have a 37ish (don’t take my word for it, that’s what I rememeber calculating when the deployable change came up) meter slowing diameter, so you can spread the nades out a lot further and I think(?) throw them less frequently because in doing so, they cover more ground. That’s just me though.

I’m not really a Griff player so I couldn’t say whether he actually benefitted from the change :s


I wasnt even talkng about balance. I want it to be changed back just because it used to be more fun.


Sorry uh… Hah, I just woke up. Yeah, they were kinda more fun with 5. :sweat_smile:


O.o if your idea of “fun” is having to constantly place deployable or struggle through them on the monster side


Maybe don’t throw them in random places. That helps.

Actually having 3 makes him more strategic. Your spike placement needs more thought put into it as 1 spike matters more than 1 spike before. Plus, you don’t have that extra spike to put in a done but rather now you want to trap them within a spike radius so avoid having to detor to replace it


As a trapper player I’m fine with only having 3 deployable items. Griffin with 5 was actually ridiculous, the coverage was stupid big. Now he has to actually keep working for his tracking, same as everyone else.

And Abe having only 3 with a better range means being able to utilise his offensive capability better


Exactly. Griffing could cover some maps completely with Sound Spikes and the monster would be forced to sneak everywhere.


I strongly disagree. 3 deployables is far more “fun” and is MUCH better balance wise.

As others have said they actually require strategy now, they can’t just be placed everywhere. Not to mention as Monster you’re dealing with 15 deployables or more! It’s also better as Hunter because you can contribute. Rather than constantly resetting traps you have to plan where to place them and once they’re done you can help more as Hunters like Maggie or Bucket.
There’s also a maximum of 23 deployables on a single team if this is made! That’s a lot to deal with as a Monster!

I am don’t agree with the five deployable change. Keep it at three, it’s infinitely better in my opinion and balance-wise.


Even then it still detected sneaking Monsters and the more sneaking you do the easier you are to catch.


Really? I knew they changed it so it picked up sound which gave away an evolving monsters position, but I never knew you still get detected while sneaking through them :open_mouth:


Only at close proximity


Oh that makes more sense :stuck_out_tongue:


yea, as Niaccurshi said. its within a closer distance to the sound spikes (20m). this does make sense though as the close to sound spikes you are, the more sensitive sounds they can pick up. this also makes sense for the evolve tag, as its loud enough to trigger them across the map


I find Abe is more fun with three. He’s my main Trapper and one of my three most like characters, Slim and Kala being the others.

Honestly, I find myself replacing them less often than before. I have to throw fewer and they cover a massive area. Lets me do moar damage and hit the tracking dart as often as needed because slowing now takes less time.

Their new radius also forces the Monster to move further if it doesn’t want to sit in a big-ass Stasis field, so making a Monster move further is a big plus.


My only issue with Griff and Sound Spikes are I can’t put down certain ones at specific times. Like if the 1st and 3rd ones are in great spots but the 2nd isn’t, when I put down another one, it moves the 1st spike…


i will agree with that. maybe a suggestion thread to allow which deployable you want to switch? this of course would go for any deployable.


That’s something, being able to cycle through all the deployable items.


bucket needs 4
emet is fine
abe could possibly use a 4th
griffin I’m not sure
markov is fine
kala is fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
kraken is fine