Some Bugs i noticed


Hi, I noticed a few bugs while playing some matches.

  1. Slims Healing drone sometimes doesnt heal. The drone is flying around the Hunter, but the Hunter isnt healed. Some times the Drone is invisible but heals the Hunter.

  2. Torvald has some nasty Sound bugs with his Shotgun, especially when you switch your weapons often.

  3. The already reported Jumpbug when a Monster flies straigth up into the air.

  4. AI Goliath is faster then the old Wraith on drugs. (Map: Distillery) Dont know why it was that way, he was just really fast and impossible to get a hit on him.


I want to see number 4, record it, and send it to us.

@MidnightRoses, ready for Ninja Goliath? I assume he dishes out quite the pounding.


Do you mean that his base movement is faster? Was he leaping more often? As in, traversals were improved, movement was improved, AI quality was improved? Details, please. :slight_smile:


He was just constant leaping and it was nearly impossible to catch, i will try to get some solo matches in to record this (Wish i had Shadowplay).


Try open broadcasting software for recording. It’s free and pretty easy to setup if you google a guide for it :wink: