Some behometh bugs


Ok yesterday I have encounted 3 bugs with behometh (well one isn’t too bad)
1.The first one is the whole known rock wall not spawning where it should be but it was being different. it was spawning under the would do the normal animation but the rock wall would spawn only a few feet up that the hunters could just normal jump over. it would happen at either stage 2 or 3 rock wall. It has happened several times on different maps (Medbay, Orbital Drill, and Aviary)
2.The next is some odd bug with lava bomb. I have a clip of it. it was on Fusion Plant I was stage one with 1 lava bomb 1 tongue grab and 1 rockwall with damage reduction as my perk. You will see at the 20 second mark that it will one shot Hyde.
3.The third one is the one that isn’t bad. Involves tongue grabbing steamadons. It seems when you tongue grab them that they will sometimes not follow the pull arc and be sling shot sometimes in very long distances. i had it happen on several different occasions on Medlab but it was not every game. Its not too bad but worth mentioning.
The clip mentioned in number 2.
(don’t know if i linked it right and sorry for the wording didn’t know how to exactly put it but wanted to get it out there.)