Some Additions we desperately need in Evolve


Hello Guys,
( i dunno if these has been suggested before)

Sneak Pounce :- This thing should be absolutely positively disabled in Battle State. If health bar is shown, then sneak pounce should be disabled. Cmon, it says SNEAK pounce not sit n pounce. If the monster has been spotted and attacked, from that moment until the point which monster moves out of the Battle state , the sneak pounce should be completely disabled. Sneak pounce is the most annoying that can happen, especially when you are the last hunter with full bar of health and goddamn shield… Then you get —>sneak<— pounced by a 30ft monster thats infront of you. Hunters should automatically evade sneak pounces if the monster has been shot / spots and the health bar is visible.

Getting eaten by plants : Hunters should be given some sort of way to get out from plants or tyrants or stuff like that. They do have pistols, right ? You could simply shoot stuff yourself and get out of sticky situations ? With good lose of health ? Why cant you use the pistol to shoot the plant or the tyrant or the blitz leopard off from your face ?!

HP Regen perk : Hunters normally take out the HP regen park tyrant every game(yes i do advice to that every game) Because this perk is mainly for the monster and mostly useless for hunters. What if this perk could remove STRIKES on the hunters ? This could mean that hunters might spare the Tyrant so that it gives them some sort of advantage. This would mean that monster will have some chance to get the perk for HP regen. For hunters, this perk could slowly regen the strikes HP back to full… How does that sound ?

Ability to control Daisy once Maggie is dead, or atleast give daisy a call back feature so that it doesnt wander off and die… (that crap happens waaay to often) and yesterday during a match, daisy revived a guy near me but didnt notice me (the trapper) and ran away. It came back like 15 sec later only after it got attacked. Daisy ran away and was standing on top of a rock and looking at the monster , instead of helping me !
A call back feature to revive you could be really good !

People leaving the matches : I think there needs to be higher level of punishment for people leaving rounds. If a player leaves after 2mins of play time from a round, he should be given 1-5-15-30min cooldown to join another online match. (Counter resets every 1hr or so) This should only happen inside the match. And for players leaving from the select-class lobby, they should be given 1-5 min cooldown. Its annoying to see that monster player leaving the lobby because they dont want monster. And ingame people leaving the round because medic died / monster lost 50% hp / got eaten by plant etc etc !

Higher level of punishment for deserters !


Sneak is annoying in battle because it prevents healing and is heavily abused in high level matches. Other than that it’s fine.

Your suggestion on plants is bad. Getting trapped is the risk you take when you split up or don’t take care of threats inside a dome properly before engaging the monster.

The HP regen to strike perk is also a bad idea, as buffs are already overpowered enough.


Im hunter main, we kill those tyrants right at the start to stop the monster from getting that HP REGEN. This is plain disadvantage for the monster. We kill the tyrant because it provides almost to NONE advantage to the hunters


Sneak Pounce should not be removed while in battle. It is not that big a deal. People make it out to be some sort of super move.


I actually agree on most of this, altho I am not sure about the plant - as hunters we should be punished for not being better coordinated.

I also think pounce is abit silly when you can use it straight up in someones face, when they are unloading everything they have at you… Kraken excels at this.

the idea about albino tyrant being useful to hunters late-game when strikes has occured is intresting.


Pounce - Idk about full on disabled but this thing does need a massive change. It’s way too spammable and broken as hell.

Plants - eh.

Tyrant perk - ya this should definitely remove strikes. But do so slowly. So like half it’s duration per strike.

Daisy - eh.

Leaving - I leave games all the time buy I actually agree. Having a 10 min ban would really discourage people from leaving. But I don’t think there should be any penalty from leaving on the character select, as most of the time it’s because people don’t want to play whatever role they were given(because it’s last in their preference) or because they don’t want to play with 1 other person.


I would love if they added the ability to play as the monster if you have a party. I wanna be able to play my friends online!