SOLVED - not being dished out any xp after x10 event


After the xp weekend ended, I haven’t been given any xp after playing characters, anybody else seeing this?


Have you exited the game since the event ended?


I defenetly exit the game, i even play like 5-7 games whole event(some last lvls to Elite Lennox and 1 RAbe game). Done 3 games today on RAbe, 0 xp given.


I think I fixed it. Can you report back?


still no exp and credits in coop mode… already like 4-5 games


yup, exited and restarted


I just played a game (as in finished less than a minute ago), can confirm, no XP.


will try right now


It may take a bit for the change to propagate - like if you were mid match when we changed it, it might not work.


yeah its been fixed, thank you for the swift fix, always appreciate it :slight_smile:


My pleasure; sorry about that! We’ve put in a failsafe to make sure this can’t happen again :blush:


I’m still not receiving any XP, just finished a game as a Hunter. Also didn’t get the lost XP from the earlier match (which I think was during the switch) if it was supposed to be refunded.


Have you restarted the game?


Yes I left to run some errands after the first instance so my whole computer was shut down for at least an hour.


Try verifying the integrity of the game cache


Shoot me your Steam ID if you’re still not receiving XP.


It’s fixed now. I verified beforehand but don’t know if that’s what fixed it. Thanks either way.