Solved: Matchmaker is broken


Over the past couple of days (even prior to the latest micro patch) the PC matchmaker has been entirely unable to find enough players to fill a room (and as of today even ONE player for me to play with). I can sit in a lobby for either skirmish (hunt) or evacuation, queue for random (I would prefer to queue monster) and be unable to find a single person for hours.

I have attempted DMZ (demilitarized zone) on my IP address without any changes, have entirely reset my system and network (unplugging and waiting for power cycle) with no luck. I am located in the west coast region (Seattle specifically) and typically queue in the evening (typically from 8pm-4am).

If you don’t believe me look at my past broadcasts here: or The audio will likely be muted at points due to the music I typically play live.

The game is entirely unplayable for me now without finding a full group to play with (which is particularly difficult to do in itself). Bots are terrible hunters (and monsters) and entirely a waste of time to play against. I understand that the game population is still declining, but there is no reason for there for be over 1,000 players online playing Evolve (PC) and not one person gets matched with me when queued for long durations.

I spoke on TS with Brandon and Mr. Strategio and hopefully they can figure something out for me. Feel free to post here if you have a similar situation or trend over the past few days.


See my later post. You can change your region by changing what servers you are using for downloads in the Steam client settings.


I refuse to play Evac, and only join Hunt on PC. Might be why. Quite a few of us don’t play it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot find players playing hunt OR Evac.


Not sure, I can almost always find players in Hunt.


Been live for a couple hours without any games now lol…


i’m level 40 and after the patch so many low levels are joining the lobby… whats wrong with that? there wasn’t even a party but two 40 level people and 3 10-13 levels… not fun at all playing against a 10 level goliath who doesn’t even break harpoons or doesn’t know how to eat the food.


Happens with me depending on time of day, too.

Even on peak hours it takes a lot to find a match and there’s usually three or four groups in which I’ll keep playing with the whole day


never happened to me… its also very unfair to the low level players ^^


So it turns out that Evolve selects your region based off of your download region you select in settings for Downloads. I was able to change my region and get matched with players in that region.