[Solved] Legacy Evolve file size problem



So I was interested in playing the legacy Evolve game, so I opted into the beta thing like I read here on the forums, but I then realized doing so upped the overall file size up to like 60,000 MB which is an insane amount. Any idea of how I could reduce the file size back to the original, because right now I literally cannot create enough space to be able to play the game again. Otherwise, keep up the good work devs, love the game and I really want to be able to get back in to try out Paladin Parnell.


If you start the download it should bring it down to 40-something GB.
When you start it does it still say 60GB?


It brought it down to its standard file size. Still made me uninstall some stuff to create more space beforehand. Not a serious bug, probably just a Steam related problem. Cheers! :slight_smile:


I think it has something to do with Legacy and Stage 2 both being listed under the same game on Steam, so it combines their file sizes but maxes out showing 60GB.