[Solved] How hunters 'respawn' in the future of Evolve's timeline [A real answer compared to "don't ask, it's the future!"]


Everyone wants to know how it is possible for the hunters to seemingly reincarnate every time they have been pinned down. I have an answer based on real-life technologies based on extraterrestrial civilizations.

The below picture, based on anecdotes of UFO abductees, illustrates a possible explanation:

In 300 years’ time, human beings could have evolved technologically to the point whereby their brains are in a UFO’s vat, where telepathy is used to transmit information to bodies outside of a spaceship, like Cabot’s ship.

This means that the hunters are mostly hollow, and explains why they can survive so many traumatic hits and still get up unscathed - simply because their brains are not housed inside their bodies. It also explains how a new body can be created very quickly to allow new hunters to reincarnate with their memories of their battle against the monster intact.


I see.  


But that’s just a theory. A GAME theory


I got a better explanation.

Basically all hunters are clones. The real hunters somehow died in battle with the monster or maybe of old age or something (doesnt matter).
Did you guys notice the strikes , when you spawn from the ship? Did you notice the lazzy device?

So here it goes.

For the first time in every battle those hunters are matured clones, aka full version of their original. So they are strong, their DNA integrity is strong aka max HP. In battle hunters loses and vals gun is made to repair the DNA and give the hunters more HP but there is point at which val or other medics cant restore the integrity of the DNA. So inorder to overcome this issue, lazzy was introduced.
When a hunter goes down, lazzy can use the device to restore the DNA to its original state but if the hunter dies,then its a different story. A new clone is sent from the ship, but the new clone was sent so fast that it never got matured to its max state which means that its DNA isnt strong aka lower hp aka 1 STRIKE. If that clone dies, a more early version of clone is sent, aka 2 strikes.

The lazzy device can restore the DNA to original state if he can get to the hunter before its eaten and full restoration only possible with fully matured clones else its partial restore. Basically lazzy device can never bring back dead people back , but instead it can only bring back clones and give it DNA restoration. [ Thats why you can never revivify dead colonists).

Also sometimes you can see lazzy saying that he should revivify the monster, which also gives us an assumption that monsters are basically CLONES (Pacific Rim). Those monsters are genetically made and sent to take back the planet. You can also see that sometimes hunters say that these monsters are NOT from the planet and they started attacking at some point while colonizing the planet.

So Tdlr :-
Hunters are clones.
Strikes are DNA integrity lose.
Monsters are clones .
Monsters are not from the planet.
Monsters were sent to the planet to take back the planet and probably wipe humans away from the planet.

Well this is what i could comeup with !


But that doesn’t explain how the hunters somehow managed to transfer their memories to the new clones. I mean if they are clones, it may have been better to just deploy all 100 clones onboard rather than reserve them for battle one at a time.


My theory is based on the Bruce Willis movie surrogates. All the hunters are actually still on the ship, in a form of hypersleep. (excluding bucket)

I think that they are actually just controlling hyper realistic androids of themselves, and when there “vessel” is destroyed, they get an identical copy. This also explains why the medgun would work on bucket and the other hunters, as they are all robots


Because clones are expensive and you cant put 100 clones together. Mass clone production will result in undesirable effects (The Island).
All hunters has ear peice , these are high tech stuff that sends back memories and stuff back to mother ship where it is fed to those clones which are being made !


Like this one :slight_smile:


If they are so hollow, then why are they two meats?


Or it could just be that, you know, when you get injured and receive emergency first aid, you don’t get right back up in perfect condition. Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue:


Two meats? :kissing:


When a monster eats a dead hunter. It’s two bars.


Well a Spotter is one meat. And they’re like tiny. So I suppose a hollow hunter = two meerkats.


But this does not explain how Laz can revive dead wildlife.


Shear is a testing facility for the higher powers, aka who ever makes these monsters. Its more or less a training ground. Everything in shear was cloned from something and was dispatched into this planet.
(Predators & Prometheus)


The answer is simple… Aliens


exactly what zyfe3r said

Even the Devs said in a interview they wanted a game like the movie “Predators” arnold
thats why torvald sounds like arnold sort of


I think the name of the interview is called “Making of planet shear” but anyway, they did mention Predators the movie


Torvald doesn’t sound like Schwarzenegger, he sounds like a demented madman with fantasies of being a knight slaying a dragon. :stuck_out_tongue:


they also talk about lazsarus in the Intersetller movie, which is like planet exploration and space