[Solved]How can I get Monster Race Skin DLC?


I already have Evolve main game, Season pass 1, 2(I’m not buying monster race, I purchase separately) can’t buy PC Monster Race edition in steam.
if I try buy Evolve PC Monster Race, steam block this purchase and say ‘you already have this’ or something :confused:


You already have the game, so it would be kind of a waste to buy it again.

Anyways, the Monster Race gives the Cosmic skins, the Magma skins, the T5 Victory skins (though those come with the season 2 pass), the T4 Arctic skins, and I got Goliath’s Frostbite and Clownfish skins, but I don’t know if that’s part of the PCMR Edition or just something everyone’s got.


These are given to everyone, they’re not a part of the PCMR.

As for the topic, I don’t know why you’d buy the PCMR since there is no exclusive content included in the bundle. All content in the PCMR is purchasable.


ah I don’t know what skin is in there. thanks for reply everyone