[SOLVED] Game unplayable after Latest patch 2.01



So after the 2.01 update, I can’t play the game anymore, I’ll link a youtube video showing what I see in game.
I have a pretty good PC (ask if you want the specs) but I use Windows 10, and some say it might be the issue.
My friends who are playing on Windows 7 do not have this bug.
Some background :
This footage was recorded on the Monster tutorial, and it seems to only show the first frame then starts to flicker.
Same happens in online matchmaking when I start a game I see everytime a different image flickering (sometimes without textures so it end up flickering in black and purple).

So hope it can be fixed soon as I can’t play anymore… :confused:

If you have any questions I’ll be glad to reply to them.

EDIT : I forgot the link ahah here it is : https://youtu.be/2Or4v1HZrfk
(Sorry about background sounds)





Thank you it worked ! :smile: :+1:



no problem! Enjoy :smiley:


Problem has been solved. Thanks again fox_news :wink: