[Solved] Game crashes immediately upon start up

Without any support from devs ? Thanks for the effort

We have a self-help topic, have you attempted any of the fixes?

I found my own solution , computer changed , thank you.

Wait, how did you fix it?

How did you fix it?

I start Direct X and vcredit 2010 on steam folder.

Those steps are also in the self-tech guide. Following the article should normally resolve most issues so I definitely recommend @AnonCollector to try it out.

I already did all of it. Still crashes for me. Really not sure what the problem is.

In that case, can you provide us with any logs or dump files? (steps for this can also be found in the tech guide)


I am just writing just to update what has happened so far (Quite a late update, sorry about that).

So I updated to Windows 10, still the same problem, tried doing the self-tech guide which you posted again, but with the exact same problem no matter what I did, even with the countless updates and re-installation of all the drivers I could think of.

Afternote: Then I tried reverting back to windows 7, didn’t work and my copy of windows got corrupted (Lucky I backed up my data). I made a clean re-install of windows 7 and Evolve started working again with no problem.

Sorry for not being able to be to help.

So it now runs perfectly fine on W7?

No fix on my end. Never heard back from Michelle and everything I have tried resulted in the same. I imagine restoring Windows 7 would do the trick but I have so much stuff I would have to back up before doing a clean reinstall.

Unfortunately had to just uninstall the game. Might come back and try again down the road.

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Oh sorry, I misunderstood. Unfortunately the devs are spread pretty thin so while they try to help out here it’s not always feasible and they get so many notifications that things can get buried.

Maybe things will be better after the next patch.

Well I finally fixed the issue. It was due to a program called Duet Display, which allows you to use an iPad as an extra monitor. I downloaded it a long time ago and I didn’t have any problems before. I tried playing another game yesterday and ended up getting the same type of instant crash.

Looked it up and I saw that other people were getting a system error due to this program. Seems it messes with your display properties. I uninstalled it and reinstalled Evolve. It works and so does the other game.


I wonder how many other bugs are caused by these 3rd party apps. Thanks for letting us know!!!

Tagging @m3teeh in case this information helps!

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Thanks for the tip! I think Michelle’s out of the office today. I’ll open a bug report about Duet Display. I tried installing it, but it didn’t crash my game – maybe because I didn’t go all the way and link an Apple device to the PC. We’ve had some bad interactions with other apps before, for example Overwolf (now fixed). If we can reproduce the crash, we can probably fix this too.

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Yes, the game now runs perfectly, no problems whatsoever.