[Solved] Everything in green

Bweaaaaaah… What Gfx card do you have? Are you using any of the colour blind options?

Have GTX 680 and everything is fine up until a Monster hits me with one of it’s abilities

Is it a certain ability or select few or… All of them?

All of them

:thinking: How bizarre indeed… Wonder if anyone else gets this issue… Oh well, atleast @ArPharazon could possibly get the QA team to replicate this with the graphics card you have and I guess the rest of the specs?

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Looking over what was said above, they sound like the things I’d suggest.

You could try deleting userdata. It probably won’t help, but it’s harmless enough to try.


I’ll give it a shot, also thanks guys


Well, and also definitely do a Verify Integrity.

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Went over your description again and saw that you said it’s only when the monster hits you? Uhh. Try the two things I suggested, but probably we need QA to help us repro the bug. Rendering programmer and I don’t have any more ideas right now.

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Rolled back the windows 10 update and used Verify Integrity like you suggested, so everything seems to be working now :slight_smile:

Great! I’m glad it’s better, but I’m concerned if you’re not up to date on Windows. I think (and hope) that it was the VI that fixed you, not the rollback. We don’t want you to have to screw around with your OS.

What update was it specifically?

We are now all on Windows 10, and are all set to auto-update.

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Windows 10 Anniversary update

My windows controller and Evolve wasn’t responding properly

I only just heard about Anniversary this morning and I don’t really know anything about it. Is it a beta release?

Not sure if it’s a beta, but i can tell you that it’s doing serious harm:



I have identified your problem.

Windows 10 blows ass! So glad I was able to revert back to 7, windows 10 was a plague. Worst virus I ever had.

STill tries to ninja install everytime I update windows, deleted my save points on system restore when it did install, Deleted my disk defrag which still doesn’t work and unless you use a 3rd party program there is no way to get rid of the folder that keeps trying to update you to 10.

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Game was fine until Monster hit me with a melee, so it was like that rest of the matches

I think it’s safe to say that Windows 10 is the problem