[Solved] Everything in green



This started happening a little over an hour ago and it’s bloody annoying


The Matrix has you Neo


@garratose How weird! Is this for every map you’ve played? We want to make sure we have enough info to fix this.


Let me handle this one here…

GO behind your computer and plug you monitor in all the way on both ends if needed.

i kid i kid, unless its a problem all over your computer… that happened to me once.


Happens in everymap, but only when the Monster hits me


The Monster just hits you? No poison perks by chance?


It stays like for the whole duration of the game and sometimes in the menu after a match


This is strange… Does it still occur after a computer restart?


I have tried restarting the computer and Steam a few times, but still no joy


Where will you be when the drugs kick in?

I’m sorry… Couldnt resist…

Is your graphics drivers upto date?


Drivers are all up to date


This green thing only start happening a few hours ago


Is this only in Evolve? Or does it happen in other games? Cuz it could end up looking like a monitor or gfx card problem?


Only happens in Evolve


@ArPharazon, I don’t suppose you’d have some insight?


Bweaaaaaah… What Gfx card do you have? Are you using any of the colour blind options?


Have GTX 680 and everything is fine up until a Monster hits me with one of it’s abilities


Is it a certain ability or select few or… All of them?


All of them


:thinking: How bizarre indeed… Wonder if anyone else gets this issue… Oh well, atleast @ArPharazon could possibly get the QA team to replicate this with the graphics card you have and I guess the rest of the specs?