[solved] Can't buy Paladin Parnell


I don’t know what’s going on. I didn’t find anything about this, maybe I’ve missed something…

I can’t buy Paladin Parnell, it just says:

‘This character is currently undergoing maintenance for a more enjoyable gameplay experience.’



U can buy it already…

try checking again


No, I can’t?


I bought it just now… go try check


You can’t click on the “Buy” button the bottom right of the main menu screen?


Nope, no such option there. All I can do is play it in training mode.


That’s a bug that’s been cropping up lately. Try restarting Evolve, if that doesn’t work, try “verifying the integrity of the cache”.

I can walk you through the verifying if you need it.


Already tried that, restarted Evolve, Steam and my pc. Still nothing changed :confused:


Out of curiosity, try this on your main account:

  • Navigate to your local game files by right clicking on Evolve Stage 2 in your games library
  • Select Properties from the drop down list
  • On the new window select Local Files
  • Choose Browse Local Files
  • Find the “client.m2k” and “cache.m2k” files and delete them
  • Restart the game


Worked wonders. Thank you very much for helping me!