[Solved] Bought perk, silver keys are gone, didn't get perk


I just bought a 2000 silver key perk, I Didn’t get the perk but I lost the silver keys.


Have you try restart the game?


@GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 @m3teeh are you able to verify that this happened?


If you go back into character select, do you see the perk?


You got finnessed son


Yes, I tried from restarting internet, restarting PC, restarting game. Nothing seemed to work, it seems like it didn’t register well and I never got my perk.

I hope they fix this soon and maybe they could give me the perk I BOUGHT.


If you want I can win with you 30games that will give you enought for this perk.


Loool, the main problem isn’t that I didn’t get the perk,
I don’t want this happening to other people nor happening to me again.


yeah I got you there.It happens rarely but It is reported every week.


Oh, why don’t they fix it ? =(


Just because it gets reported doesn’t mean they can fix it. They know of it’s existence; that doesn’t help fixing it.


@TahJulzZ, can you please give us a Steam ID so we can look into it please? Please go to Steam, click profile, right click somewhere in that page and copy and paste the big number you see here. The number will start with 76561… If you’re uncomfortable posting the number, you can PM me. :smiley:


What big number? I don’t see any number after right clicking


Oh, apologies. Right click somewhere in the profile area and select ‘Copy url’. Pasting that somewhere will show the big number.




@snowkissed or @Gertz, can you check this please?


Can I get more information?

  • What Perk was it?
  • What time did you attempt the purchase?



Mutated Claw
about 6-8 hours ago I think


It looks like about 7 hours ago you purchased all 3 levels of Fly Swatter which took all but 80 of your currency. You wouldn’t have had enough to purchase Mutated Claws since that time because the prices is 2000 EC for the first level. It may have been the UI didn’t update properly.

Fifteen minutes after you played a match and jumped back up to 665 EC, Close to four hours later you played a two more matches which bumped you at 1426 EC. Thirty minutes ago you finished 2 matches and were at 2064 EC. You then purchased an Abe Weapon Skin, played a match, and got a new periodic challenge.

Right now you are sitting at 1725 EC…at least the last time I pulled your profile logs and it looks like you’re playing right now so it may be a bit off.

All the EC accounting on your account looks correct, I dont see a point where 2000 EC was removed with no purchase record. I went back the last 2 days just to be sure. This makes me think it was just a UI issue if anything.

  • Gertz


Hm, I’m sure I had saved up about 2000 for it… meh whatever. Thanks.