[SOLVED]Black screen game wont start


Hey first of sorry for my bad english :frowning:
i have a big problem when i start evolve i have a blackscreen and theres no sound
my friend tryed to start it for me in steam with -autoconfig and -w 800 -h 600 and with admin, tab out tab in and other stuff
well i dont know much but he sayed he tryed all he knows. i know its not much info for u but i hope there is a solotoen for it thanks.


Do you have sound when you get the black screen?


no sound during the black screen :confused:


This is either because of v-sync or because of the resolution.Please tell me do you have Nvidia GPU?
Do you have the program called Nvdia Experience?Also do you have SLI/multimonitors?


oh yes i have nvidia experience and nvidia gpu 840M is that bad?


i dont use SLI/multimonitors


i use a notebook MSI GP60


*MSI GP60-2PEi585FD


Hey sorry for the delay.
Go to nvidia Experience and switch the resolution from there.Put it into something lower.And check if you can switch v-sync off there as well


hey thx for the tipp with the v-sync it was really the problem but it was the intel hd grafik not nvidia lol it took a while till my friend and me realized that :relieved:. Thanks for ur help now i go enjoying the game :smiley: see ya.