Solutions to beat the almighty Sky Monster? (Kraken)

Hey Evolve Community! Every single game I play that has a Kraken in it seems to always end up in the favor of the monster. The Kraken is just too overpowered in my opinion. Anyone have any good suggestions of hunters that can crush it? The best luck I had was with Markov-Maggie-Slim-Hank but this didn’t end up in a close fight. Btw the players I play with aren’t garbage so please don’t post about that. We have good hunter skills (all of us are silver elite so we know what we’re doing but we aren’t the best in the world) Thanks for any suggestions.

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Why thank you. :wink:

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Yw @Rapterror

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Oh boy, this thread again.
There is a “nerf kraken” thread already on the front page.
Yes, he’s OP, but hes the only viable monster against the high level Hank/Jack/Caira/Slim meta shit.
There are egregious balance problems that need addressing on the Hunter’s side, far more so than the issues with Kraken.
Nerf Kraken? Hank would need a substantial nerf at the very least, for starters.


@Graveyard_Shift gets it.

The meta of Hunters right is extremely overwhelming to monsters right now to the point I legitimately feel Kraken is the only one who can viably be used and face these teams on an even playing field.

Sorry OP but all this balance talk about Kraken being OP is seriously the last thing monster players need. Once we nerf the capability of the extremely powerful anti burst defensive comps then we will be open for discussion on this.


@Destroyer123123 @Graveyard_Shift all I want to know is a group of hunters that would be able to do the best against kraken.


Hank Caira jack Markov and keep pressure
My personal experience as a trapper player is that kracken is under powered because of how weak his chase game is

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Off topic question, how crazy is the bread?

It’s actually quite sane

Ok, thanks, That’s all I really wanted to know, also Lennox fairs well against krakens

I think that you’d have to be crazy to run anyone that wasn’t Markov

-Save jetpack for dodging lightning strike and vortex. Tank the aftershock as it is not worth the fuel you spend dodging it.

-Use cover against a kraken, treat it more like a normal fps where you want to focus on surviving.

-The kraken is the slowest monster in the game, its easy to get evolve domes and good chases on him. Since you have to be so defensive in the dome against kraken, these are also good times to dish out a lot of damage.

-Markov is the best assault against kraken
-Maggie, abe, or a crow that can aim do well against krakens. Ideally crow since hes good in the chase.
-Hank for support. If you have a well coordinated team Sunny can work. She also helps on the chase.
-Anyone but val for medic, as long as they are good at healing. That means if they go slim they better be able to aim.


Lennox’s AA cannon is actually really powerful against kraken.

I’m sure it’s good but is she the savior of colonists And banshee mines

My team used Parnell to keep pressure on me, with a Slim, Hank, Jack comp. Parnell gets the evolve SS damage and Slim maintains spores in the combat area, as Sunny boosts people around. Laz is also very useful punishing camps.

Markov is obviously the assault of choice in general due to the banshee chaining.

Jack is great for damage, though if you want CC, Abe/Crow are top, with Maggie next for the harpoons and pressure off the start (as you know where the monster is).

Support-wise, Sunny or Hank. Bucket can be used with a Laz as it can do a ton of damage.

Medic terms Laz and Slim. Slim is the best right now with his healing rate unchanged, and the monster’s damage overall being reduced.

If I was to build you a team, I would say;


If you find you need a more reliable shield switch Sunny with Hank.

Edit: Also, Kraken not OP. Balanced.

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I agree with the post by trick keep pressure on the kraken the key to whichever build you use is a markov because of his primary weapons range as well as he said being able to cripple the monsters damage by destroying majority of banshees I myself run movement speed as my perk to keep up the pressure and work on your assault rifle accuracy it’s crucial other than that practice against a good one in customs after a while u will see just how balanced he is also a good abe can piss off any kraken by greatly reducing his mobility which greatly decreased mitigation and increases Hunter damage output

Kraken is not overpowered.

If you think kraken IS overpowered, please, go watch some ESL broadcasts.

You dont need the “high level Hank/Jack/Caira/Slim meta shit” either to beat him. We see teams running Slim, Caira, And lazarus. Vals basically the odd one out here. We see teams running Cabot, Bucket (YES bucket! Awesome, I know), sunny, and hank. You see teams using trappers like crow and abe as well. Maggie and griffin pop their heads in, albeit not as often. Stasis is arguably better against kraken than harpoons in a lot of situations. The ONLY real “solid meta” you see in ESL/Competitive play against kraken-

Is markov.

And this is purely because of his ability to eat banshee mines.

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@Destroyer123123 He didn’t say “nerf it”. He asked people for what hunter comps they would see as best to beat it.

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Nowhere did I say its impossible to beat him, I’m saying that at high level play monsters are bombarded with the same meta shit combo, Hank, Jack and Caira/Slim. This is an unbelievably broken combo that counters just about every monster, the one that can deal with it the best is Kraken.
What is being picked in “competitive” play is not indicative of what is actually being played by the community.
And yes, Kraken is overpowered, he’s the best at mitigating damage, he’s the best nuker, he has the best mobility, he can corpse camp like no other monster can, because he can fucking fly.
His core concept counters the entire Assault class, Assaults abide by the core mechanic “Deals the highest damage, has to get in close or pin down the monster to do so”. You know what makes it hard to get close to you? Being fucking airborne.

He’s OP. He’s always been OP.
I don’t quite know why it is that TRS consistently ignore the problems with Kraken and Hank. They have been broken since launch and have had next to nothing done to them.

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Don’t stay in shit, dodge shit and communicate. Kraken has the esiest styles to dodge.