Solutions to balance, hunters who withhold dome at stage 2 evolving


most of us saw esl tournament #11 videos and how the meta has changed for hunters keep holding the dome until the monster goes into stage 2 and capture it with no armor…

personally i don’t want this to be the future of evolve i think no one does

soo question… solutions anyone?

hunters are not gonna like this but, either cut evolution timer in half or cut the dome to half the time if monster is trapped while evolving ONLY,

thats the only thing i can think of >.> yes disagree ect. just trying to get ideas rolling

but lets keep it real, with holding the dome till stage 2 evolution is a HUGE disadvantage for monsters and hunters know monsters cant do jack at stage 1

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yeah im not too sure what the answer is. monsters need to find favorable fighting areas like by sloths armadons and such. i mean there are times where u have fought full hunter groups without any more armor while in a dome. where they have landed a good move or 2 or they got someone back up.

the trick is trying to evolve and get domed for zero damage. if they get to you before u finish evolving then it hurts like hell. otherwise its not too bad to get domed after evolving. it seems like an inevitable at this point lol.


esl teams destroy wild life for break feast :cry: soo i dont think that will help anyone at stage 1 :confused: unless your kraken any other monster will take a huge beating at stage 1 with professionals. scratch that all monsters even kraken gets a whooping


This became the new meta because Stage 1 Krakens were outright winning tourney games with ease… there was no point chasing, no point doming and no point fighting. If you cant kill a stage 1 monster you literally dont have a choice but to dome its when vulnerable. Hunters adapted and ‘Evolved’ their meta but monsters still wanna play the exact same way. Time to start thinking outside the box monster players or get replaced by ones who can.


now that sunny is allowed in the esl tournaments, a monster cannot run, and at stage 1 against a caira all you can do is run, and with sunny, running barely is all you can do now >.> soo yeah this situation CANT be adapted, dont believe me go look at the videos >.> i know its sad for monsters


sure, thats what hunter teams were saying, we cant adapt, we cant win… then they did


Might have to switch from a speed feed to a juke then speed feed mentality, or taking less optimized feeding routes so that when the Hunters bolt off where you’re “supposed” to be as far as efficiency goes, you’re on the other side of the map. RNG birds are still a big problem there, and so is Daisy (though her AI can be played around with if you know how).


Hunters are playing Abe in tournaments, they dont need maggie coz monsters all run the same routes from the start and dont sneak, meanwhile in pubs if the monster sees and abe pick all he does is sneak and he gets his clean stage 2 evolution, call me crazy but wudnt that be adapting?


Would definitely want a faster evolve


and for the record most teams are still running hank NOT sunny and they still land the evolve dome perfectly

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But the old meta was the monster getting domes at stage 1 on purpose and then proceeded to leap around the dome like an ass, avoiding all damage, wasn’t it? The hunters came up with a counter strategy, why shouldn’t the monster come up with something to counter that again?

Personally, I just engage the trapper and leave if my armor drop below half, because either the trapper die and the dome is on cooldown or the trapper will hold the dome, which gives me another free attempt.


I wrote a rather long post, suggesting the same thing:

I think it might be too soon to implement any changes, without seeing how Monsters adapt. Someone might have a clever strategy without the need for actual game adjustments.


calm down buddy lol, im looking for solutions i did say it will make hunters mad >.> but incase there is no way for the monster to counter this, there will have to be a patch to fix that and give monsters a fair chance :confused:


ahh you guys are coming up with great reasons we have come to this. and i once talked with @maddcow. in fact i still dont understand it. why do all esl monsters sprint asap and try to feed. a rush to stage 2 in this type of strat will garuntee a dome everytime.

I really 100% do think that the counter is sneaking. monsters have been caught in the past and they are afraid to do it again bcuz of maggie. but if its abe. u gotta sneak. whats the worse that can happen? all they will do is try to deny food while u build evolve meter. THEY WANT YOU TO EVOLVE.

I also think stage 1 monsters have more power than ppl think. for example if you know for sure they will be evolve baiting. why not choose something like behemoth (bugs, i no) who is at beast stage 1. the trapper sits on the choke point and u fight them 3v1. goliath can fight stage 1 too imo. just gotta do it right.

OHH. and that stupid knockback adjustment on hunters. I have no answer for that sorry pc monsters i pray it doesnt make it to console.


one word carrion birds at either 1st, 2nd, 3rd meal… well technically 2 words ^.^ carrion birds

this means SNEAKING destroyed :smirk: pro hunters go for the caves if no carrion birds in site


and that is why iv adapted to that as well. I get 1-2 mammoth birds then move to a new area and fight the first 4 meat i find. that way if i do get birds at least i got 4 meats out of it and a chance to sneak away. the % goes up each time u eat. so eating less food for more meat is better.

the only downside is the noise your going to make fighting a 4 meat. its loud cuz without abilities u get rekt.

and caves. love caves but its predictable. most hunter teams with zero clues will run to the caves.


So it seems like the problem here is that, to evolve you need to get rid of all your hard-earned armor, which nobody likes. However, If you didn’t have armor to begin with, then you aren’t losing anything by evolving. Perhaps an idea is, when you evolve, you only lose half of your armor. That way, if you just got finished fighting a team and have no armor, then it’s fine, no change. However, if the current strategy is adopted, I.E dome directly after evolving, you have to face off a level 2 with half armor (assuming armor was full prior to evolving). This seems like it could be a much more even fight.


I’ve suggested a number of things but they aren’t things that we can control.

Things like an overall decrease of armor at stage 1, but keep that armor as you level up, you will also get an increase to overall armor when you stage up.

Or bringing the stages closer in overall power so stage 1 fighting is actually possible.


omg genius keep half the armor you had before evolving!!! :scream: that sounds like a fair solution soo far

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You do konw its possible to limit the chance of birds by eating in select locations? i know that all sounds like too much effort for lazy monster players who wud rather cry at macman to break the hunters hard earned strategies but really, the game is less broken than when this became the meta