Solution to the wraith problem


Well maybe not “under powered” I think many will agree that there are noticeable problems with wraith. Well you may win against a random matchup of hunters it is near impossible to defeat a group that can coordinate. In my eyes these are the points that need attention.

Point one. Well meant to be a hit and run style monster the usual play I encounter is decoy to bait doam then warp and blast out of it. Rinse and repeat till stage three. Very dull for the hunters.

Point two.I’ve been on the other side of this fight as well. Playing as wraith it is very hard not to resort to the above tactic without suffering massive damage and reaping little reward for the health lost.

Point three. Decoy needs serious attention. What should be your “decoy” while you slither away is instead a monster of its own that deals massive damage and meanwhile you can’t slither away because your getting hit by shrapnel/toxic grenade/mini nukes/stray bullets and the hunters see you anyway. (On stage 2 I normally have 3 points in decoy one ability to take down any elite wildlife? To much damage IMO)

Some possible fixes

A larger armor bar? At least early game. Well I understand wraith is squishy she’s not made of glass. A larger armor bar and maybe even reduced health bar would enable her to be more hit and run and give you a chance at surviving an early encounter.

While the speed of warp was reduced I think a better move would have been to give it a 1-2 sec cool down. Although this without the above point being added would mean extinct wraith.

Decoy is easy enough. Lower the damage, and give 3 or so seconds before damage makes you appear. And for god sakes lower the cool down, how else can she avoid mines and harpoon traps when the hunters are hiding in them.

Well that’s my take. What’s yours?


In a serious match i would rather play wraith than goliath. Maybe my goliath is bad but i cant do a thing vs crow sunny val. They are constantly on me and the traversal recharge is to slow.

As wraith you can at least get a strike on stage one…


Buffing an ability that acts out on itself and making you avoid combat better is not an option imo. The only problem I have as wraith vs ESL teams during scrims is not managing to put enough distance between me and the hunters for a clean evolve. Transversal is too short, stealth is not really an option vs this caliber of guys. So I get domed S1 or during evolve 90% of the time, specially since they play Griff + Val.


Well is there a trick to get away from abe? this slow nade was insane last time I played against him :frowning: + val


Actually, what would be cool is if they reduced the Wraith’s armor and increased her damage across the board.


Wraith is under powered. I don’t care for the individual responses to say for ideas you have presented. I did read them and you are on the right track… But Rather than go through it like a Muppet ill say this.

Decoy needs to be completely removed. Its not only almost useless, It is not fun for the monster nor hunter. The skill brings nothing to the game play apart from grief on both ends.

Kraken should have wraiths armor and health, Whilst wraith gets Krakens armor and health.

Wraith can be killed in less than 3 seconds. (2.8 s) being the fastest time myself and friends have done it in. Very easy to pull off if your a premade team.

Warp blast should have stayed the way it was originally, Due to the changes made Wraith now is forced to take stamina increase.

Wraiths dashes are tiny, Whilst people sat there saying wraith was too mobile, Goliath traversal is almost double wraiths, and with tests I have conducted side by side it is shown Goliath can traverse 165-190m depending on if you had a lousy jump compared to the wraiths 140m. This is with level 2 warp blast pre warp blast patch.

Goliath can escape a dome being thrown on top of him in two leaps if you execute two perfect jumps. No one bitched about that now did they?

Wraith still wins because most people don’t want to think about or change the tactics they play with as well as the thirst to learn about the game. If people stopped fighting wraith like goliath… Hmmm…

Controlled burst tests. Stage 1 monsters full hp and armor.
Wraith. 2.8s
Kraken. 4.5s
Goliath. 6s
Behemoth. 8-8.5s <— Pre buff

I know what your thinking, Well they were controlled so that’s unrealistic.
Funny part is, The wraith being so quick to pop makes it the only one to easily pull off in real play… which I and friends have been able to execute many times. All it takes is moderate coordination and done. In under three seconds it dies. Holding a monster still for that short period of time is realistic compared to the 8 seconds on behemoth.

Just some fft.


You should know by now how society is. This idea, No.


I’m a Scandinavian, I don’t know what society want.


In general society’s attitude is horrible. When they fail at something over and over, they brand it as shit and wont touch it again.
Evolve is an amazing game that doesn’t fit into society on the large scale. not even the mid scale. 95% of people playing now have a better attitude. The right one is along these lines. We lost? Well shit, we got rekt. What went wrong, what could I have done better for myself in this and that situation. What could my team have done in those respective positions etc. Knowledge on the game and its components, I will find this and work it out.

People will play, a good person will kill them all even faster, and the game play for them will be running and then dead. In they’re eyes. Which will make them quit.
The game needed ranked MMR matchmaking from the beginning to prevent the steep curve.

I do understand some peoples anger, You cant expect everyone to have the right attitude, I sometimes get teamed with newer players. I always try to engage them as much as possible keeping the action there. Normally Ill stay in stage 1 for them and just play around. After the game I play with them and do my best to point them in the right direction.

I’m not a complete asshole is what I’m saying.


Your tests are unrealistic because of mobility tank, you don’t compare Wraith with Behemoth on damage avoidance (to clarify for other readers that maybe can’t imagine how a monster goes down in 3 s, I believe you made your test wraith catch a full Hank barrage)… But I agree with 1 thing, I don’t get it why Kraken who’s basically never forced to melee has double’ish total HP of a melee monster.

Anywho I’m fine with the Wraith tank, I’m not at all fine with it’s tiny transversal. Vs competitive teams, consistent S2 free evolve is impossible.


You branded what I said as unrealistic for a made up reason that you failed to explain properly. I know what I am doing. Id be eager to be proved wrong. Means I can learn something.


Mobility tank is not a made up reason. It’s how things work. You have HP tanks, avoidance tanks, Wraith is obviously on the avoidance side. It can’t eat much damage, but it has the means of avoiding it all together.


You mean, wraith is harder to hit. That isn’t coded resistance mate. That is no physical mechanic. It is a made up reason, That I’m sure many other fools support.

As i said. You can easily hit the wraith with a team of not brainless people. I do this myself. And wraith players sit there jaw dropping. Not everyday you see people with brains Destroy you in less than three seconds fully armored and health stage 1.

It avoids damage against unskilled players. Wraith takes advantage of the games learning curve. Great against plebs. Suicide against skill.


I feel you have the impression this is the Napoleonic Wars where armies were lining up in front of each other taking turns at shooting. It’s very simple I’m not sure I understand what you don’t understand. If you can’t eat a blow, you dodge a blow. You have negated all the damage. Wraith can dodge an orbital a lot easier than a behemoth that maybe blocked himself in a corner also behind a Rock Wall :smile:

Anyway I wouldn’t mind a scrim vs your team and see if you can take me down in 10 seconds, 15 even, not 3. You just can’t do it, not consistently anyway. We’re talking about consistence here. And I’m talking about 10-15 seconds, not 3. 3 is a miracle that can happen 1 time out of 100 maybe. Me I’ve never seen it happen, and I’ve been scriming vs really tough hombres.


First paragraph, Grow up.

Second, two don’t play anymore. Have been playing casually since. It is realistic, You haven’t even asked me the hunter line up. Your preaching with nothing in direct response to what I have put to the table…


The only problem I have with Wraith are her unbalanced abilities. I don’t mean that they are too powerful or too weak, they just aren’t equal in power.

Warp blast is awesome, nearly unavoidable in its AOE, with high damage plus free traversal. Max first

While decoy and supernova feel pretty garbage, so only put remaining points into them.

On the health note, I think Wraith’s overall toughness is acceptable. But changing it to match Kraken’s health would be too much.


I’m not the one telling the other to grow up, I’m not the one telling the other things like “garbage”,“fanaticism” and what not.

This, you’ve said it like it actually happens in combat situations. You seem to be the one exaggerating. I can imagine this slightly possible if you manage to make a 360 degree trap zone (1 in front, 1 exactly behind the Wraith so that they are not both cut down with 1 blow) with Maggie and have a Hank that drops a barrage perfectly 1 sec BEFORE the traps are actually sprung.
I didn’t ask you about the lineup because you need Maggie + Hank to make this work, that 2.8 secs you’re talking about can’t be achieved with anything else, small arms fire doesn’t exactly count towards such a “one shot” kill. Not even Torvald + Cabbot, or Parnell with headshots and SS + Cabbot. Unless the monster stays completely still.

And then you finish with “You’re opinion is fanatic and garbage but I can’t prove it”. Pffff…piplz on za internet.


Whats wrong with being the person telling another to grow up? what your drawing upon is what people that are a waste of time draw upon.

You immediately disregarded what I said without asking the factors. Especially that there are factors that make it possible. Not responding again after this.


It is avoidable with a jetpack boost. yes a free traversal where as goliath has two…

What do you mean about supernova man? Its hella strong…


But please respond and make these factors known to us, and shame me for my small mindedness. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or 2.