Solution to Laz Dropship Problem

Don’t know why they haven’t done anything yet. I’m not sure what the number is currently. If a down adds 7 sec and evolving adds 20 sec to the dropship. There’s 2 ways to approach this

  1. No timer bonus for evolving to stage 2: timer starts at 20-30 seconds to begin the game.
  2. First strike is a larger bonus. Instead of the normal 7 sec it could add like 30 sec. The Evo and following strike bonuses could be nerfed to compensate.

i have a super easy solution.

if theres a laz in the game when the dropship timer reaches 00:00 the option at patch 2.00 where you could return to the dropship appears and the timer would stop and you had to hold B, you go back to the dropship, the timer starts again, you get an instant dropship.

this way it wont affect laz not making in time to rez de body and denying a strike.

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What if only the first dropship gives no strikes when a laz is in game? Maybe this could be a viable easy solution.

While this would help with Laz, I don’t think taking away the timer bonus would truly be balancing gameplay. I could possibly see an argument to reduce the time added to the dropship per Monster stage-up.

The inconsistency of added time would make things more complicated than helpful, I think, and the greater amount of dropship time could quickly lean in favor of the monster during that first fight (especially if he’s staged up by then).

Honestly, while the dropship changes did make things really hard for Laz, I think the real changes need to be made to him directly. His mantra was always to be the distant, stealthy medic who would swoop in to piss all over the monster’s progress. Granted, Laz is a glass cannon, and shouldn’t be easy to play. But as he stands right now, Laz is in a similar place as Wraith: it’s almost too difficult/ineffectual to pull off the strategy they were built for.

The biggest thing that Laz was useful for, in both Legacy and Stage 2, was baiting the monster to camp. I think, if there were changes to better punish camping monsters, Laz would be in a much happier position.

I do very much miss the option to just NOT go to the dropship, and is one thing I still don’t care for about the new mechanics.
However, what if two or three hunters wanted to go to the dropship, but one hit the suicide option before the other(s)? Unless they gave a larger window to get everyone on the dropship that wanted on (say, 5-7 seconds), this might replace one problem with another.

What about simply having a laz adds 20 seconds to the starting timer? You won’t survive downed past that anyway ( 30 seconds) and with laz it wouldn’t be a handicap to the hunters or require complex strategies that require noobs or those who don’t understand laz to use a player specific system.
I have seen 200+ hour hunters ignore laz on the team and just revive people, as a monster I won’t stop them either as if they succeed I keep my strike

actually they kinda already did that, its 25 seconds if you get a strike (10 seconds at start, 15 per strike),if only charging the glove while the timer was ending wouldnt transport you to the dropship making it a last second strike for no reason.

kinda like normal revives.