Solution for device hung/out of memory error


Hi !

Just to let others and maybe the dev team know since I first found no solution to my problems.

I just bought the game on Steam and was unable to play more than 20 minutes with hunters, and crashed nearly instantly with the monster. I spend some time searching why and here is my conclusion. Note that I can play without any crash now, and that’s the only settings I have changed.

My system’s spec relevant to this post : 8GBytes of RAM and my graphic card is a 660Ti with 4Gbytes.

The first error I encountered was “device hung”. I first fought it was driver related but it appears that any level superior to “medium” for shadows quality will produce this error.
And the second “system out of memory”. It appears that any level superior to “medium” for texture quality will generate this error (my ram usage goes from 60% to 100% while loading the map).

I now play the game with all settings maxed apart from these two and hasn’t encountered any error so far.

Bye !


Maybe your video card is well endowed? o.O


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It’s hardly appropriate to make a joke like that, but I won’t penalize @MaddCow for making it.


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