Soloing, Levels, Experience and Matchmaking


There seems to be a threshold around level 7 or 8, when the matchmaking system suddenly starts throwing you into higher-skilled matches where the average level is above you. This is an arbitrary line, and I understand there’s only so much for the matchmaking system to go off of. However this highlights a VERY important difference between the Alphas/beta and the release game - the availability of solo games for the purpose of unlocking characters and learning new game modes.

Since I’ve already learned the game through past playing, I have less of a problem myself - but when my GF started experimenting with a solo game to learn, I realized that if she kept at it for too long her first multiplayer game would be not with other newbies, but with more experienced opponents - only because of her level being bumped up by the solo game. I am a little worried this may present a problem for those who try solo and then get scared off from playing with other people for anything but coop vs an AI monster.