Solo Play and gaining character mastery


So I just had a thought and hadn’t heard it addressed.

If I’m playing solo play ( or even a private match with a few friends) when I switch between the different hunters, am I getting “mastery” with every character that I use or only the one I select to start the match?


@MacMan we need you ! :smiley:


I think you get it for all the hunters you played, but it only shows up for the one you end with. Possibly. Maybe? Could someone with a press release test this?


Not sure about singleplayer but if you switched hunters in multiplayer you only got masteries for character you were originally.


I seem to remember getting mastery for any character I played as in a single match during the beta.



I recall seeing this confirmed in an interview with Phil during IGN play throughs of the Solo Evacuation Mode. Seems legit since you are playing the original intended experience.

Playing a Custom match might be the grey area, since people could stage fights and farm, which to me makes no sense with the new lowered mastery requirements. Should only take you a couple of nights to max out really.


The Devs have said a couple of times that people farming progression doesn’t bother them. If someone farms in Solo up to 40 and then goes into matchmaking they will go up against people who got up to 40 “the right way” and would be at a disadvantage.


The one you start with gets that mastery. Rest are bots you only hotswapped into.