Solo Mode Suggestion (for lazy people like me)


So, I’m still trying to do Emet’s 3 stars respawn beacon mastery. What I’m doing to finish this mastery is playing Arena with a specific hunter team, made of Bucket, Griffin, Lennox and Gorgon. For me, using this team is the quickest way to get that insane mastery done.

But I have one super tiny issue, every time I finish the Arena match, I need to once again choose the characters that I want because the team changes, that means, I have to change each one of them and that takes time >_<

So, wouldn’t be nice if the team that you made doesn’t change? So the only thing you have to do is press deploy and done.

Like I said, this is a suggestion for lazy people like me, but it wouldn’t hurt anybody right?

Thank you for reading! :bucket_cute:


Actually, has anyone even completed Emet’s Respawn Beacon mastery?..


My memory is fuzzy, but isn’t that how it used to be and everyone wanted randomized teams?


Yep, people have. Not me though.


I have, but only because my friend helped me by going monster on hunt and killing everyone over and over until I got it. I doubt any people who have him mastered did it the ‘legit’ way.


I think the issue before was that only tier one hunters appeared at the beginning of the characters selection and thus, they added the randomized teams, but I think the tiny issue I mentioned above was there from the beginning.

Plus, it’s different I think, I’m talking about when you change the team, I don’t think anybody complained about keeping their bot team the way they want it 0_0

But yeah, I also can’t remember, so I don’t know :confused:


I would give a huge trophy to the person who did this mastery online with pubs :stuck_out_tongue:


I did it in solo mode, I agree this could be useful but regarding Emet’s respawn beacon I don’t think it really matters what team you use…if it helps you, go for it but I never needed a specific team to speed up the process.


I use Gorgon because 95% she focuses on the other hunters first, I pick Bucket (maybe Cabot) because he can’t keep the team alive for a long time and I need them dead, Griffin because I can see where the monster is most of the time and assault, it can be anybody, but I like Lennox :slightly_smiling:


Really hmm that’s interesting. I used behemoth just cause he was the slowest speed but as soon as I got the hang fit I went with Goliath since bot goliath is just amazingly good lol


That’s how @Hippaforalkus helped me get his one-star mastery. I still haven’t gotten the second star. My team’s need to die a lot more ;-;


I like the idea, but I think i’d prefer if it came with a randomize button. In that way you’d still be able to mix up a new hunter composition without having to manually change each one of them.


I think both suggestions can be added. It could be likes this, when you manually change a hunter, for example, you change the support to Bucket, then it will stay as Bucket unless you change it again or press the randomize button, I don’t know, just throwing some ideas xD


Exactly that! :slightly_smiling:


I wouldn’t even say that’s “lazy”, to me that makes sense. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile myself and was wondering why there’s no option to lock it in.
And that EMET mastery… I took a break from trying it haha. Him & Sunny are the main ones that I’m dreading.


Bot Goliath is no joke, it’s almost frustrating haha. It seems he is so relentless on medic or the human player. I usually play against the AI with “Favor Monster” or “Balanced” but I had to take it down to “Favor Hunters” against Goliath :frowning:


What I did was first set the settings to favor monster and I would stay there until the monster got there and at the first sign I would run away to the other end of the stage and let him kill my team. Once he had one hunter left I would switch back to favor hunters and set down the beacon. Its not hard just really time consuming :slight_smile: Good luck!!


I made a video with an easy to replicate method for anyone having trouble with this @Katt :


Could we also get a random map button too?

But yes I like the idea of a “randomize Hunter button”.


I have. It was easy.