Solo mode after 5.0

I have to say that I am really impressed with solo mode after this most recent patch. It is much faster paced and has alot more action. It also seems to be much more challenging on both sides of the fight, atleast i dont just absolutly stomp the bots on balanced difficulty anymore. I was wondering what everyone else on the forums thinks of solo with the new meta balance changes. I havent had much luck in multiplayer since the patch hit, but solo seems better than ever!


I agree. I play a lot to try our different things and I’ve noticed this as well.


The AI monsters are insane! Especially Behemoth, I just love playing Solo mode, Arena, in Murder pits with Behemoth! It’s so much fun :smile:


I tried out Goliath in my first solo game and promptly got my butt handed to me by Slim, Torvald, Cabot, and Griffin.

I love Solo 5.0!


I definitely agree, especially a Torvald and Jack combo vs behemoth. Thats a seriously brutal deathmatch!


Behemoth bot is the perfect simulation of why you’re not allowed to screw up when fighting a Behemoth. He will kill you- not incap, KILL YOU- even with a Hank and a Caira, stone dead, in ten seconds, and he’ll still have armor. I mean if you play well he’s sort of an adorably terrifying punching bag but against Behemoth, no screwups allowed and I love it. :stuck_out_tongue: