[Solo] Loosing against bots = +1 loss?


Hi everyone,

Simple question: if I play solo mod and loose against the bots, does it count as a loss?
I’ll really need to try Evacuation. :smile:

Thanks for your answers and have a great day.


I would think so, but if the loss count only goes towards the multiplayer then I would think it’d only count if the opposing player(s) drop out and you lose against the bots. Of course, this would also mean that no player could be found to replace the previous player(s), which I would find somewhat rare. but I can’t give a more difinitive answer than that until after launch.


If you play solo, you don’t get a Win or a Loss IIRC

If you play MP, and your opponents drop out, then the match still counts vs the bots (win or lose) because it was a MP match. (EDIT: anyone who drops out gets a loss too if memory serves. They have time to reconnect if disconnected ala most ranked matchmaking games these days)

That’s as I understand but I’m no official source.

Solo play counts towards your progression still though (you can unlock new monsters/characters/ranks etc)


Well, since playing custom and solo game wins don’t contribute towards the leader boards, I would imagine that the loss isn’t counted on it either


Losing against bots = +10 loss… they are super easy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, watching the video released I thought the Hunters were pretty bad…

BEAR IN MIND, however, that Defend mode presents a certain challenge to AI hunters with AI minion targets to draw “aggro” from them that other modes wouldn’t have. Monster in Defend in particular seems stupidly easy solo mode.

And Monsters I know for a fact aren’t particularly hard either. … though better than most avg new monster. Hell, just most monsters. When you’re jumping out the plane and already have some bird sign to direct you… you know it’s gonna be a quick round.

So AI Monster is good “training” to take you from your basic unskilled monster to being able to take down higher skilled, experienced monsters that know how to sneak.

What really gets fun is when your monster knows how to feint.

Only then, do you actually achieve the brilliance this game is capable of… where the Monster tries to trick the Hunters and the Hunters read the Monster.


Thanks a lot for your answers.
So no fear to experiment strange builds against bots, as there won’t be any negative consequences. :slight_smile: