Solo game, random bots instead of picking them myself


You guys incorporated the random team for solo games when youre the monster. I would like to see it for when you’re hunters as well.


Just want to say thanks for this, it makes it more fun whereas previously it felt tedious manually selecting each hunter to be different.


I agree. I would like to see it happen when I’m the Hunter as well.


If you are solo Hunter the monster IS randomized. I think it has a higher % of being Behemoth, but it still randomizes for me.


I meant I wanted my whole team randomized. When I play solo, I play as though I’m playing with other people. So basically I will pick, say, markov. I will remain as markov even if I die, it gives you a little more of a multiplayer feel.
But back to the point, I don’t like having to pick my entire team. I always do my best to randomize them as if I’m playing online. So to have the game select my team at random would be nice. Of course if you wanted to change it you could.


I think the reason is because it isn’t programmed to know what you have unlocked. It doesn’t allow you to have characters that are either unlocked and/or DLC you don’t own.

The best thing I can suggest is using an online die roller to ‘choose’ your team if you want a random experience.

That site lets you choose the numbers and the number of die to roll. Not a great fix, but can help.


I guess. There should be a solo mode where you can’t hot swap as well. And maybe that would help with the random selection thing. Then it could select anyone it wants and you can’t play as them anyway.