Solo game A.I


I used to love playin solo. The hunts were tough, the fights were engaging, my AI teammates felt tight.

Now, I find the monster in 2 minutes, he doesn’t use the same tactics he used to, which made him tougher to find. He doesn’t aneak much anymore either. There’s times when we see him over 100 meters out and shoot at him, he turns and engages even at stage 1. Easy kill. The arena goes down and he hangs around to die.

My AI teammates have become stupid, they run off on their own and get killed. They no longer help a teammate up from being incapped. On a game mode like rescue, if they spot the monster across the map, they break off and chase it down, leaving me alone to rescue the survivors or better yet get eaten by a plant or tyrant.

This latest patch really hurt my enjoyment for this game. Solo was the main mode that I played. I do play co-op as well, but I really appreciated the AI and the solo experience. It’s getting tough to do that anymore.

I used to win half of the matches. Some days on evacuation Id win 3 of 5. Next day Id lose 3 of 5. Some days Id 4 or 5 rounds and the next day lose 4 rounds.
I actually don’t mind losing in this game, it shows me that the challenge is there.

But lately not so much .


Do you play balanced or favor your character? I’ve noticed the trapper is ungodly good at finding you… Lol


The AI hasn’t changed much. I’ve played a lot of solo grinding characters to Elite, and the experience has not changed. If I don’t want to be found by the Hunters, they don’t find me. The Hunters and Monsters don’t maximize their damage or even close. Chasing a Kraken around a bigger map can be a pain, but they’re not smart. Seems like some Hunters have gotten a little better with some abilities (like placing traps), but they’re just as stupid and predictable as ever and very little has changed. You’re probably only noticing now because YOU’VE gotten better and they’re stuck with what little capabilities they always had.


Well yes I’ve gotten much better. But they are doing things theyve never done before. Like playing defend, they used to stay by me and help me defens the generator. Now at least two of them chase the monster and get downed while I’m alone or with 1 teammate defending against the minions while they destroy the generator. They’ve been doing a lot of stupid things that they’ve never done before. Like in rescue. The trapper never set up an arena which was good because youre always trying to keep moving to the evac. Now the trapper constantly sets up an arena and traps the survivors with the monster under the dome.
They just continue to do dumb things suddenly. As I said, the monster has a great distance on us but we may be able to see him in the distance. Which I’ve always been able to do. But when I snipe him, he decides to come at us instead of duck and cover and evolve. He will charge us at stage one and that’s dumb. I kill him in like 2 minutes.
And yes I’ve gotten better but it doesn’t warrant the AI doing stupid things.


They’ve always done that. That’s happened many, many times to me since launch. They get stuck in this weird thing where they keep shooting as long as it’s in their range, but they move a little closer, then keep shooting, move a little closer, next thing they’re 100m away by themselves - it’s part of the Monster AI where they will continuously stop to feed when their armor goes down rather than fighting, so when they get shot at they just move to another creature and keep trying to feed. Both the Monster and AI Hunters can get locked into this endless chase. Eventually the Monster will fight back when it gets some armor.

I’ve never once seen an AI Trapper drop an Arena in Rescue, and I just recently grinded 20 or 30 solo Rescue matches for Slim’s masteries. They don’t do that, and if they did it’s a bug where they’re using the Hunt AI routines. I’ve also never seen a Monster turn around and come back to fight at Stage 1 unless it was domed, and they always flee when their armor goes down. These aren’t changes to the AI - if this stuff is happening the AI is bugged.


I’ve always found the A.I. monsters to be horrendous… when I watch the bot play it really seems like their blind most of the time. And when they lose all of their armor they go into total freak out mode.


I love the Goliath AI. You better dodge AFTER he throws, or you are hit. He will never miss if you don’t doge while rock is in air haha. Also seen him throw rocks 90deg from the direction he is looking.

In another match, he was attacking my bro with his back to me. As soon as he downed my bro he 180 leaped at me (no turn animation) while breathing fire haha. It was terrifying.


After 650 games im just telling you what I’ve noticed change. And in defend I’ve never had them chase the monster back to his spawn.


OK… and after grinding 16 Hunters and 4 Monsters to Elite through solo and close to 400 hours played altogether, I’m just telling you the bots always did that on Defend, and no major changes to the AI have been announced or included in patch notes since launch. The only noticeable difference when grinding T4/Behemoth was that the bots plant traps in smarter spots on Defend. That other stuff you describe is the AI not working properly, it wasn’t changed in the update to do that.


I have all of those things too. And my AI still acts retarded. I never said they were updated to do that. I stated that they’ve been acting different. Maybe after the patch they’ve become bugged or something. But they are acting extremely stupid.


The A.I seem familiar, kind of like the A.I from… Left 4 Dead.
Someone should make an animation for Evolve explaining the A.I like they did for Left 4 Dead.
(Look up “Left 4 LOL” on youtube)