Solo Customization Suggestion: Random Hunter/Monster Option


Hey there, @MacMan

I think the above suggestion is good, and I’d like to add, since I’ve been playing a lot of Solo to learn the maps and experiment with the Hunters as they unlock and such, I have a couple of suggestions for the Customize Teams menu:

  • The last configuration of Hunters that were assigned should be remembered
  • There should be a SELECT ALL: TIER ONE / TIER TWO /
    TIER THREE Hunters option (that could then be modified so you could, say,
    play all T3 Hunters but then swap in Val)
  • It would be cool to be able to design a Map Cycle so we can assign a series
    of, say, four maps that would cycle in whatever is the chosen game
  • This is a long-term wish, but it would be great if we could assign the Hunters to work
    together (like an Alpha and Omega Team – Abe Follows Maggie, Markov Follows
    Player Controlled) then have a simple Go To Point command like in the original Mass Effect

Loving every minute of it so far! Looking forward to the next update! Wendigo skins are boss! (Gonna buy the Bog skins this week!) Thanks for all the hard work from the team! :heart_eyes:



Totally for a randomize button for solo. Even for myself if able :smiley:



Good suggestions. I agree with these, especially remembering the last configuration of hunters.



I have posted previously on this specific option and would really, really love to see this implemented.

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I think it would also be neat to have an MVP of the skirmish matches for the hunters kind of like at the end of evacuation.



Holy shit, you got back to me before I finished my edit! :grimacing:



I also like that.



I entered them into the database. Will ultimately be up to the UI team and how much time they have but they are usually really proactive about this kind of stuff.



to be honest, I don’t think I like how hunters and monsters need to be unlocked at all. I kinda wish they were all playable right from the get go so we can just go ahead and pick our favorites.



That’s so cool! I’d be satisfied with the Team Recall! :grin:

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I like the unlock system: it forces you to explore and experiment.

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In contrast, it also forces you to play characters for an extended period of time you may not be interested in playing. I don’t think one should have to “force” people to explore. They should make that decision on their own. If I like Cabot, I would need to play a certain amount of Hank and Bucket before I can finally play who I want to. It doesn’t make sense to me.



This isn’t really the thread for this debate.

Not everybody is inclined toward every class.

If Tier 1 is your Introductory Class, and Tier 3 is your Master Class, then it makes perfect sense.



Yes! I’m so tired of closing my eyes and trying to loose count of how many mouse clicks I have on each hunter! :stuck_out_tongue:



I’d also like for TRS to implement the ability for us to have presets for Customized Team of Hunters. Included a link to the thread I made about it.



I notice that update 2.0 remembers your last personal selection for a Hunter class and that we have random assortments of the opposite team…any way to implement randomized teammates for Solo Hunter experience?



I think I heard discussion recently of a “random teammates” or “shuffle” button being looked at.

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can we shuffle map/mode as well? that’d be kinda nice. :smile:



If you choose solo quickplay, that’s what that does.

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solo quick play doesn’t work with friends though. :stuck_out_tongue:
(my bad, didn’t realize this was a solo customization thread. haha)

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