*Solo Custom Games* As a monster, it'd be very convenient to have presets for Customized Teams


It’s a pain in the ass to customize a team of Hunters after every match. It’d be more convenient to be able to make a bunch of presets of Customized Teams that you can choose from quickly rather than having to individually select the Hunters you wish to face every time. Especially considering that the Hunters get randomized after every match as well. The current implementation is very tedious.

Solo Customization Suggestion: Random Hunter/Monster Option

I agree, I think this would be an awesome feature. Maybe have as many presets as there are Hunter Tiers? For example, right now we’d have 4 presets we can customize and when the Tier 5 come out we get an additional preset, that way every Hunter can be in at least one preset.


Having default presets representing the specific tiers each Hunter belongs to is good a suggestion. I be hesitant to put a limit on the number presets though, BC some players may want to play against a large variety of team compositions.


True, but for the initial relaese if it ever becomes reality this would be a simple and easy way to introduce the new feature, in my opinion.


Good point. :smile:


oh my God i want this so bad right now.

please @MacMan?


I love this idea. I do play Solo occasionally to test out random strats or ideas I had, sometimes to screw around with an ability and get a feel for it. This would be good.


That’s the exact same reason I want it! :open_mouth: