Solo campaign days reset?!


So I’m not sure if this suppose to be implemented in the game but i was playing solo (the campaign missions or whatever) when i reached day 5 and wanted to enter my dlc codes me thinking my game would save i had to close my game to enter these dlc codes into steam. When i started my game back up it reset me to day 1. honestly I’m kinder annoyed. Has this annoyed anyone else or is it just me?


You’re probably not the only one who is annoyed. However, evacuation is not your traditional campaign. It’s best to see it as 5 standard games played after each other, each match being different in a way. So no, you can’t save. If you happen to quit before finishing the 5th day, then it sucks to be you, because you will need to start over again


That does seem to make more sense to me now, thanks man.